5 Sexy Books That Promise To Spice Up Your Bedroom

Every once in a while, even the most sizzling hot sex-life can lose its oomph, and when it does reach for some bedside inspiration.

Love and marriage and sex go together like scones, cream, and strawberry jam. Sex is that sweet and tart jam, of course, that makes everything else so much yummier, but it’s natural for that sexy vibe to fade a little as time goes by.

To bring back that spark, sometimes its good to look for inspiration in a little bed-time-reading, and we have 5 suggestions that will have you and your beloved panting for more.

101 Nights of Great Sex


First on the list is “101 Nights of Great Sexby Laura Corn. This book offers up sexy and exciting ideas for games of pleasure and seduction for partners to play together, night after night.

Corn presents the reader with 50 ideas for taking your woman to the moon and back, and another 50 if your partner is a man. The idea is to find something that intrigues you among the 100, and spring it on your partner as a sensual surprise… As a special treat, the extra night (the 101) is a sexy duet that pulls out all the stops.

She Comes First


There are oodles of books written about the blow job, and women are expected to be virtuoso performers, but the truth is that most men are really lousy at cunnilingus. If your partner’s tongue is less than cunning, pop a copy of “She Comes Firstby Ian Kerner on the bedside table, just because…

This straightforward guide to the clitoris for dummies will familiarize your partner with all 18 parts and 8,000 nerve endings of labia major and minor, the clitoris, and the vagina and set off some serious fireworks. Make sure “Ladies come first” becomes your motto.

Come as You Are


Men are so easy to turn on, right? Simple as 1-2-3, to be honest: Men see, men want. For women, sexual arousal is a much complex and intriguing process, as Emily Nagoski explains in her book, “Come as You Are

Nagoski explains female sexuality and unveils the most sensitive erogenous zone in the female body: the brain. That’s right, girls, your partner will learn to turn you on by delving deep into your fantasies, and awakening your libido by addressing the woman you are, and not just your body.

Sexy Slang’s Bedroom Challenges: 69 Ways to Spice up Your Sex Life


For those of us of a less literary bend, Ted Scofield, and Christi Smith Scofield offers up “Sexy Slang’s Bedroom Challenges: 69 Ways to Spice up Your Sex Life” based Sexy Slang board games. This book takes the fun from the game board to the bed, with plenty of spicy challenges to get you going.

Filled with sexy tips and ideas (and how about some hot-sexy forfeits if you lose?) this book will make going to bed early a treat. Looks like the Scofields had a lot of fun writing this book — almost as much fun as you will have reading it, and playing the game.

101 Ways To Spice Up Your Love Life


Here is another book by a couple, David Woodcock  and Jennifer Woodcock who share their secret to keeping married sex white-hot, no matter what anniversary you happen to be celebrating with “101 Ways To Spice Up Your Love Life.”

This book will have you rediscovering your own sexuality and your partner’s over and over again, as you reinvent your erotic imaginaria. From role-playing to setting up seduction scenarios to sensual surprises, this book is chock-full of ideas that will set your bed on fire.


Sexiness starts in the mind, so reach for that book and start stoking up each other’s erotic fires. Light a candle, and keep that sexiness burning!

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