Reduce Period Pain While You Sleep With These Sleeping Positions

Menstrual cramps are a universal pain in the butt that harass women for their entire egg releasing lives. Safe and healthy pain-reducing tips and tricks seem to require a lot of work and energy. 

Period pains reach their peak annoyance at night when they keep many of us lying awake in agony. Mercifully, it turns out that certain sleeping positions help alleviate menstrual cramps. Keep scrolling to explore the best period time sleeping positions.

Fetal Position

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This comforting position works well for many relaxing purposes; it has even become a loved yoga pose. Dr. Lisa Mindley explains that sleeping in the fetal position causes less strain on the abdominal muscles.

“sleeping in the fetal position takes pressure off the abdominal muscles,”

 says Dr. Mindley

The less strain there is in the abdominal area, the less pain there is during your period. This position is also ideal for those prone to leakage, as sleeping on your side is less likely to affect your sheets.

On Your Back

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Although this may be a hazard for leakage, lying on your back is helpful for massaging your abdomen. An aromatherapy abdominal massage is encouraged before bed for pain reduction. 

Lavender oil is an effective essential oil for cramp easing aromatherapy. Applying a lavender-scented heat pad as you lie on your back before bed could also be of significant assistance.

Child’s Pose

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This half kneeling, half lying down yoga position is an excellent sleeping position for providing pain relief. The child’s pose releases tension in your lower back, which helps in reducing menstrual cramps. 

Although this position may not look comfortable for a full night’s sleep, it can be restful if done correctly. Find a comfortable pillow to rest your head so you can fold forward and support your neck appropriately. Tuck or curl your knees beneath you like you are in a seated fetal pose and relax.

Movement Before Bed

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Exercise, in general, has been proven as an effective way to ease menstrual pain. Moving your body before bedtime can help reduce pain. Light workouts such as yoga and pilates are excellent as well. 

Dr. Jessica Grossman also encourages putting aside some time for self-care before bedtime. Run yourself a nice hot bubble bath or a steamy essential oil shower for optimal relaxation.

Written by:
Siba Mosana

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