The Weeknd’s Hairvolution

From iconic locs to his newfound afro, The Weeknd isn’t afraid to experiment with his hair styles.  No matter what style he chooses, he somehow pulls it off.

Most people only recognised the artist by his unusual hairstyle in 2015. Since then, he’s had multiple award winning studio albums, the ‘Starboy: Legend of the Fall Tour’ and a Superbowl performance. It’s basically impossible not to recognise him. 

While the star actually started off his career with short hair, it was rather surprising to see him shave off his locs before he released his 3rd studio album ‘Starboy’. Since cutting off his locs, we’ve seen him sport just about every hairstyle we can think of.

Coachella 2012

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The Weeknd’s first Coachella performance was a memorable one. Especially in terms of his hair as the star took the stage with short hair and a full beard that gave him a rugged look that fans loved!

Lollapalooza 2012

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In the same year, he managed to once again leave fans stunned with his hair style. At Lollapalooza that year, the singer was sporting some locs.

Ultra 2013

Having grown out his hair since July of the previous year, The Weeknd performed at Ultra with tied up locs in March 2013.

MTV Music Awards 2013

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By August, the popstar debuted his signature look; locs and a goatee at the MTV Music Awards.

September 2014

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By now, the star had grown out his hair even more and changed the style by tying half of his locs up in a ponytail and leaving longer locs hanging loose at the back.

October 2014

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The Weeknd tweaked his hairstyle again. This time, he started leaving out some locs on the sides too. Over the next two years, the artist sported similar styles. Either cropping the sides or simply adding volume to his hair.

October 2016

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The Weeknd chopped off his locs and debuted a short afro to signify the start of his ‘Starboy’ era.

November 2016

The “After Hours” singer grew out the front of his hair and trimmed the back, giving his hair a fade.

September 2017

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After letting his hair grow out for months, the star opted for some upward twisting curls at the front of his hair. Kind of like when he first rose to fame.

February 2019

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The star debuted a whole new style for his 29th Birthday. He arrived at Tao Downtown and walked the red carpet while sporting cornrows.

September 2019

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Unfortunately, the cornrows didn’t last the year and neither did his beard. By now the star had an afro, no beard and a moustache. 

August 2020

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I guess the pandemic happened to Abel’s afro because when he stepped out in August it looked like he was hiding some braids under his cap.

MTV Music Awards 2020

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Spoke too soon. Weeks later the star walked the red carpet in his red suit jacket and a bloody face to promote his 4th studio album ‘After Hours’. Oh yes and he was rocking an afro again.


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Ever since he started promoting ‘After Hours’, The Weeknd has made appearances in his afro. He even had it when he performed at the Superbowl. With the albums one year anniversary approaching soon, it’s safe to say we’ll probably be seeing a lot more of that afro for a while.

Written By:
Zainab Manack

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