Top 5 Highly Rated Online Doctors

Doctor’s consultation rooms and hospitals are among the scariest spaces to be in these days. Besides the high risk of contracting coronavirus, visiting a doctor may also be inconvenient. 

Let’s face it; nobody enjoys going to the doctor since the lollipop incentive disappeared when we got old. It also sucks that our moms won’t drive us to the doctor’s office anymore, making visits more challenging. 

We live in a world where almost anything can happen online, including medical consultations. Take a look at the top rates online doctors cater to the 35% surge in telehealth use in America this year. 


MDLive is a 24-hour telemedicine service that offers health care through video-conferencing. You can use MDLive on your web browser or from a smartphone application, so you have options for your convenience. 

MDLive doctors can treat 80 non-emergency medical conditions and offer other visits, such as counseling. Pricing varies depending on your medical insurance if you have any and specialized treatment costs more. 

Rethink My Healthcare

Rethink My Healthcare is a healthcare network that offers an affordable fee for service medical care. The services cost as little as $25, and there’s a monthly subscription for those who want frequent access. 

You can connect to surgeons and other doctors you’ll need to see physically from this service as well. This option is convenient for finding budget-friendly health care and can be accessed on a browser or app. 

Maven Clinic 

Maven is great for Women’s Health services, including family planning and pediatric care. Several employers offer their services as an employee benefit, offering women access to experts. 

This service operates through video chat and messaging and has an excellent peer community. Maven also offers adoption services, services for same-sex parents of all genders, and family medical care. 


Roman is an app that offers sexual treatments to men and offers services for other men’s medical conditions. This application is mainly messaging based, but there are video and phone calls available. 

Men sign up for this service using a questionnaire that determines their medical needs. Pricing is stated on their website, so men know how much services cost beforehand, and then follow-ups are free after that. 

Anytime Pediatrics

This service is excellent, especially if your pediatrician is signed up on it as well. Anytime Pediatrics allows video visits with your preferred pediatrician, which saves stressed moms so much time and effort. 

If your doctor is not available for your little one’s medical emergency, they’ll connect you with another. You can set up an account with a profile for your children who need treatment and upload photos for doctors. 

Written by:
Siba Mosana

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