Frankie Grande Is Engaged

Jun 14, 2021
01:00 A.M.
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The Grande family has had an incredible couple of months, and they have just had one more set of good news to celebrate together.


With Ariana finally finding the man she will spend the rest of her life with and celebrating their love in a gorgeous home ceremony, love is definitely in the air around the Grandes.

The family is now celebrating the engagement of Ariana’s brother Frankie and his boyfriend.

Frankie and Hale


Frankie Grande and his boyfriend, Hale Leon, have been dating for two years. The pair met at a line-dancing bar in 2019, where Grande revealed that it was “love at first dance” for the couple, and they have been dating ever since.

Grande said that when he arrived, he saw Leon dancing on stage and performing for everybody and was blown away by the fact that Leon knew all of the dances. Grande also revealed that although he tried to chase Leon down when he had finished performing, he had gone to fix his hair.


It has been revealed that Leon was an immediate hit with Grande’s family, even beloved Nonna, who we know from the family’s many videos of her on social media.

The Engagement


You might think that planning a proposal is a difficult task and that many people would take quite a while to get it perfect. This was no different for Frankie Grande as he planned the proposal to Leon for 12 full months.

Grande revealed that he told Leon that they would be going to celebrate their upcoming 4th anniversary of his sobriety with some friends and took Leon to the sit of one of the couple’s first dates.


Leon had no idea, and even the location was kept a secret from him until they arrived there. Not only were the couple’s friends in attendance, but their families were there to celebrate the occasion, too.

The entire proposal was extravagant, and it is no surprise that it took 12 months to plan. The proposal was made in virtual reality, complete with virtual fireworks, and Grande said that the moment was perfect.

The photographs of the proposal are gorgeous, and with Ariana’s wedding being so beautiful, we cannot wait to see what this lovely couple has up their sleeves.

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