5 Ways The Pandemic Has Changed The Way We Work Forever

Unlike other natural disasters, COVID-19 impact has a prolonged effect. Its lingering nature creates uncertainty among employers and employees alike. The virus has left the world is in a state of flux.

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Key To Success: 5 Important Goals To Set For Yourself

Setting personal goals allows space for accountability in your life, career, and or relationships. Success does not come overnight; it takes hard work, consistency, focus, and many failures.

The Most Satisfying Jobs To Have Regardless Of The Pay

Studies show that the average person spends about 90 000 hours of their lives at work.

Weird & Cool Jobs We Wish We Knew Existed

A 2014 study by the nonprofit research group Conference Board, showed that most Americans are dissatisfied with their career path. So imagine how satisfying it would be to turn your wildest childhood fantasies into real-life careers?

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5 Great Resources & Funding Options Aimed At Black-Owned Businesses

Here are some options that remedy these problems for black entrepreneurs, so their ventures can thrive under these circumstances.

Upgrade Yourself: 5 Sites To Improve Your Work Skills

Online courses have made improving skills so much easier; here are a few sites that offer excellent programs.

Freelancing: The Pros & Cons Of Being Your Own Boss

While freelancing may be an excellent path for some, it is not as easy as it looks. Before deciding to ditch your regular job, take into consideration the pros and cons of freelancing.

Speak Up at Work Without the Fear of Retribution

In an ideal world, leaders listen to their employees when they share their knowledge of the business. However, studies of US employees suggest that most employees are afraid to voice their thoughts.

A Guide To Enjoying Your Vacation Without Constantly Worrying About Work

Vacation days are not only great for our mental well being but are also crucial for productivity.

Choose Your Battles: Know When To Speak Up At Work

If you want to create more influence and make a difference in your team, speaking up at appropriate times is a sure way to get noticed and build a strong reputation.

5 Apps To Help Manage Your Side Hustle

Having a full-time job is demanding enough, and a side hustle is hard work.

Wise Words From Successful Women To Help You Overcome Your Workplace Woes

From self-help books to seminars, nothing will top getting direct words of wisdom from successful women themselves.

Workplace Mistakes That Make You Appear Unprofessional

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The Effects And Benefits Of Meditation In The Workplace

Meditation, which is a part of yoga, is more than just a trend now that people now realize the importance of mental health.

Identifying Signs That It’s Time For A Career Change

Quotes on passion and following dreams sound vague in times like these. But there's no such thing as 'the right time' to pursue what you have always wanted. If you're looking for a sign to change career paths, consider this article as one.

Strength In Numbers: Women Who Support Eachother Are More Successful

Research shows that women benefit from establishing a supportive peer network from different groups of people.

Practical Budgeting Hacks For Every Type of Shopaholic

Combining being a shopaholic with your monthly expenses like utilities, council tax, and rent, you might think it is impossible to save anything. However, we have found some practical hacks to budgeting that are perfect for every type of shopaholic and will help you save money.