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Top Lifestyle Trends for 2020

Already the year kicked off with a number of incredible lifestyle trends. From cleaner living to the shift towards balanced living, here are some trends that are predicted to gain popularity in 2020.

Legendary African American Activists Who Made History

The issue of police brutality against African-Americans is not a new issue and forms a defining part of history for black Americans. As questions rage on whether Derek Chauvin and the other cops involved will be justly punished for their deeds, let us look at how African Americans have had to fight for their rights since the Jim Crow laws were implemented in the 1870s.

Understanding The Importance of Establishing Boundaries With Friends

Friendship is the best form of all relationships. Every relationship needs to have defined boundaries. Friendship is no exception.

Shocking Rules Old Hollywood Stars Had To Follow

Old Hollywood was the epitome of glitz and glamour. It brought us some of the most talented and beautiful stars. However, celebrities during the Golden Age of Hollywood were actually bound by some shocking rules. Here are some of the rules stars were forced to abide by in order to live the life of the rich and famous.