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Parenting Tips To Survive Lockdown

According to UNICEF, children have a right to know what is happening in the world, but parents have a responsibility to keep them safe from any distress. Parents need to talk to children about the global pandemic in age-appropriate language and be sensitive to their anxiety levels. Here are some tips on how to help your children during the lockdown.

The Secrets Behind Kate Middleton’s Effortless Style

Over the year, the Duchess of Cambridge has developed a very distinct style that still meets very strict royal protocols. To maintain her effortless yet perfect look, Kate relies on some simple yet effective fashion secrets.

A Look At Some Of The Richest Celebrity Children

From children of rappers to tech geniuses, money will never be a problem. Here is a look at some of the richest celebrity children.

Celebrity Tips To Dieting In A Healthy Way

In more recent times we are seeing a shift towards a healthier approach to weight from celebs. These five celebs revealed their healthy approach to staying fit and slimming down.