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A Guide To Spending The Holidays Alone

Apart from the façade of having your life put together and all the plans you feel pressured to make, sometimes the holiday season loneliness, whatever the reason may be, it hits different. But it’s okay because many of us are alone during the holidays.

Cinnabon To Sell Signature Cream Cheese Frosting in Pints For Festive Season

Turn your kitchen into a personal Cinnabon bakery with their latest and exciting offering.

Unpacking Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun’s Music Rights Feud

The high-profile dispute continues as Scooter sells Taylor’s masters in a recent undisclosed deal.

Lisa Rinna Reacts To Scott Disick Dating Her Teenage Daughter

Months later, the property investor has moved on with a younger model, and things look cozy.

The Only Guide You Need To Survive Black Friday Shopping

Stampedes, large crowds, and violent attacks may not be the deals you signed up for, but you can expect them.

Model Emily Ratajlowski Reveals Pregnancy On Vogue

The supermodel’s announcement came just when we thought we couldn’t expect any more hot mom news this year.

The Top 10 Scarlett Johansson Movies

The two-time Oscar-nominated actor seems to make a lot of money at the box office, featuring several of the highest-grossing films of all time.

Mississippi’s Asya Branch Wins Miss USA Title

The 2020 Miss USA competition wrapped up this past week and crowned a 22-year-old Mississippi native as the reigning pageant queen.

Clever Spender: Starbucks Hacks To Save You Cash

It’s safe to say with the endless choices on the menu and

Cooking With Spicy Fusion Kitchen: The Ultimate Christmas Cookies

“Who stole a cookie from the cookie jar?” Me, it was most

5 Tips To Stop Your Glasses Fogging Up While Wearing A Mask

Among other things that we’ve had to adapt to this year is wearing masks when in public. Unless you’re a medical doctor or any other profession that requires protection in the form of a mask, the whole experience has been quite something to adapt to.

5 Brilliant Post Thanksgiving Hangover Remedies

A Thanksgiving dinner is not complete without at least one too tipsy relative at the table.

Burberry’s Planet-Conscious Cashmere Project

Some fashion brands have had a bad rep over environmentally harmful practices. These practices range from burning excess product, souring unsustainable materials, and promoting fast fashion.

For Those Who Can’t Cook: A Company Has Created A Full-Course Christmas Dinner in One Can

There are high expectations as far as Christmas dinners go. Everyone is looking to have a variety – vegetables, turkey, gravy, sauces, and of course, Christmas dinner is incomplete without pudding. Well ain't nobody got time for dat.

Mini Ulta Beauty Stores Set To Return to Target in 2021

Here’s a picture of the future: You’re at Target. Your cart is stacked with many things you didn’t know you “needed” until you got to the store. You pass the Ulta Beauty aisle stacked with your favorite hair products and fragrances and creams and sunscreens and, and, and. You're so happy you have everything you "needed".

Remembering Selena Quintanilla’s Top 10 Songs

Selena has continued to receive love and recognition in various forms. MAC released a line of beauty products, and Netflix is working on a series about the star. Above all else, Selena's music continues to make a profound impact even today

Ten Beautiful Cities To Add To Your Bucket List

The travel restrictions may have put a pause to your travel plans for the year or you may have found your wanderlust intensifying at this time.

‘Emily In Paris’ Is Gearing Up For A Second Season

It seems like every pop culture outlet has reported on the show’s storyline, fashion, and plot at some point.

Tips To Mentally Prepare Yourself For The Second Wave Lockdown

If the mention of a lockdown creates a pit in your stomach and triggers anxiety, you can join the squad.

Start Your Day Off With A Good Morning Routine

Rather than rolling out of bed and going straight to a screen—incredibly easy for those of us currently working from home—in the hopes of a more productive day