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5 Easy Ways To Spot An Authentic Designer Handbag

You want to avoid dropping some pretty pennies on a replica. Designer knock-offs have come a long way and are beginning to look more original. If you’re ready to make the purchase, here are five ways to spot an authentic designer handbag.

Style Guide To Creating A Capsule Closet For Tall Girls

A guide for tall women on how to build the perfect capsule closet to suit their figures.

7 Types Of Diamond Cuts To Consider For Your Engagement Ring

Some women know exactly what diamond they want, while others are understandably too starstruck to pick. Fortunately, we’ve put together seven diamond cuts to inspire the cut for your future ring’s stone.

5 Stunning Hijab Brands Worth Supporting

With different color palettes and exciting dress codes popping up, you can wear your favorite coats, jackets, and boots to add that elegant touch to the same attires

10 Influencers To Follow For Modest Style Inspiration

Some women dress modestly to meet their faith and spirituality requirements or to suit their style preferences. Either way, modest fashion requires plenty of work to look stylish and not frumpy in a ton of layers.

5 Modest & Hijab Friendly Outfits You Need In Your Closet

We now have a myriad of dressing options to choose from, ranging from elegant skirt sets and matching scarves to long coats and chic boots.

A Glimpse Into The Monse Spring 2021 Ready-to-Wear Collection

The long-awaited Monse Spring 2021 collection finally showed this fashion week in a short film lookbook, and a video game.

4 Types of Bags That Every Girl Needs In Her Closet

There are few accessories that can be both stylish and functional. However, handbags prove that it’s not impossible to find!

5 Closet Staples for College Students

Nothing is more daunting than the first day of college. Especially when it comes to deciding what to wear because first impressions matter!

4 Fashion Trends From The 2000s That We Truly Miss

Fashion is cyclical and this time we aren't complaining about it. There were just some classic 2000s items that should have always stayed in our closets!

Gen Z TikTokers Cancel Skinny Jeans & Side Parts But Millenials Refuse To Give Them Up

Hairstyles like clothing change from season to season. However, Gen Z canceling the side part may just be a step too far!

Handbag Essentials: 5 Things Every Woman Needs in Her Bag

If you leave your house for work, you must be carrying a

Our Pick: Top 5 Dolly Parton Looks

The multi-talented country queen has a beautiful voice, splendid acting chops, and exquisite fashion sense, making her the perfect star.

5 Serena Williams Jewelry Pieces To Add To Your Collection

The greatest athlete of all time (seriously, how many grand slam titles?) Serena Williams manages to dazzle us on the court and off it. Subsequently, more times than we’ve wished, we have all wanted to carry a little of that William’s winner mentality in us.

Nail Artist Creates Ring That Doubles As Makeup Palette

Makeup artists can go through several palettes within a year which is wasteful and expensive. Nail artist Betina Goldstein worked to combat this issue and created an innovative alternative that we love.

Our Pick: The 5 Best Vanessa Williams Looks

The 57-year-old star has been rocking classic and designer outfits since quite some time, and we’re in awe of her impeccable fashion sense.

10 Maternity Leggings That Work For Every Trimester

With a belly that expands day by day during pregnancy, comfort is the main priority during maternity. Providing the needed support without being too tight, maternity leggings are easily the main staple in expectant women’s wardrobes.

Top 10 Beauty Looks From NYFW Fall 2021

Glam squads pulled off everything from polished and pulled-back hair looks to playful nail art and manicures.

10 Winter Styling Tips To Keep In Mind

Dressing for cold weather can seem intimidating, but it is so much easier than you think. There are several different techniques and styling tricks to help you pull off a warm and fashionable outfit.

10 Black Wedding Dress Designers To Know

The lack of diversity is unfortunate in the wedding industry as few names often come to mind when thinking of top wedding dress designers. Few black wedding dress designers rarely come to mind as they are often overlooked.