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10 Plus Size Swimsuits That Are Far From Frumpy

Shopping for a swimsuit is already hard enough but considering the limited options out there for plus size and curvier girls, it can turn into a nightmare. From frumpy and boring to fitting weird, it used to be nearly impossible to find a suit that makes you feel confident in it. However, the push towards diversity has made finding swimsuits in a variety of sizes, budgets, and style preferences much easier. Here is a look at ten of our favorite swimsuits.

Relatable Royal Family Wardrobe Mishaps

We've seen tons of stars suffer terrible wardrobe malfunctions. While Hollywood is not exactly known for its ability to maintain completely perfect images, the British Royal family has prided itself on perfection. However, even royals with all their poise and grace can't be perfect all the time. The royal family has suffered their fair share of relatable wardrobe malfunctions.

Kate Middleton’s Favorite Fashion Hacks

Over the years Kate Middleton has created a distinct style while managing to meet all the royal rules and regulations for dressing. To do so without any mishaps, the Duchess of Cambridge has employed a few hacks over the years. Here is a look at some of her favorites.

Celebrity Engagement Rings That Prove Diamonds Are Indeed A Girl’s Best Friend

The variety of colors, cuts, and styles are endless. If you're struggling to envision the perfect ring for you, these celebs engagement and wedding rings are bound to have you lusting after them.