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Our Picks: The Best Workout Leggings For Every Price Point

We have saved you the trial and error of having to experiment with a ton of leggings in the market. No matter your budget, gather your coin and purchase these ten best workout leggings that all fit all three criteria.

Naomi Osaka Collaborates With Frankies Bikinis On A Swimsuit Line

The swimwear features some sexy string bikinis made of satin-inspired fabric and some one-pieces that offer more coverage. Furthermore, the price range for the swimwear is set at $80 to $190. Osaka modeled the pieces herself and revealed the thoughtful reason she chose to work with Frankie's Bikini's.

5 Ways To Look Expensive On A Budget

If ever you thought that money bought you class, take a look at this.

Our Pick: The Best Shoes Worn To The Oscars

Without all the accompaniments that go along with the dress, like the shoes, a look isn't quite a look.

Our Pick: Top 8 Sexiest Oscars Outfits Of All Time

The Oscars red carpet has been graced with some of the most elegant styles in awards show history. Many stars go down the sophisticated route, making them sexier outfits genuinely eye-catching.

Victoria Beckham Thanks Justin Bieber For Crocs But Would “Rather Die” Than Wear Them

Beckham's first Instagram story shared how people had been asking her what she planned to wear after the lockdown. She went on to ask, "what do we think of this suggestion from @justinbieber?!"

The Top-Rated Spring Dresses To Buy On Amazon

So to ease any and all anxiety, we’ve curated a list of the most affordable and chic spring dresses you can find on Amazon.

A Guide To Prepping For A Great Passport Photo

Every time you whip this official document out, you might have the thought in the back of your mind that silently says, "I don't usually look like that."

Stylespiration: 5 Ways To Look Elegant & Have Fun With Your Clothing At 40

The most common mistake you can make is wanting to still look like a twenty-something-year-old and risk falling into bad taste.

A Guide To Creating Tie Dye Clothing At Home

Ah, tie-dye! As American as apple pie and possibly a major throwback to school camp trip (if that resonated with you, watch out. Your age is showing.) However, the eclectic print has become a firm staple of #OOTD mirror selfies and current trends.

A Style Guide To Wearing Leather This Spring

Sure, trends come and go, but when they return, they often change in some way or another, but a good leather piece will nearly always result in an effortlessly stylish ensemble when in the height of chic.

Our Pick: Top 5 Date Night Outfits

The excitement of getting ready for a date can turn into straight up panic when you have no idea what you want to wear. There’s no hard and fast rule, but there are some cute outfits that’ll make a lasting impression!

Revive Old Jeans With This Easy Acid Washing Guide

The best way to revive an old (but still gold) pair of your beloved jeans you don’t want to give away is to acid-wash them. Follow this guide, and you’ll get new jeans in no time!

A Guide To Shrinking A Stretched Out Pair Of Jeans

No need to despair. There are a few ways that you can use to tighten your jeans. Jeans are perhaps the most comfortable item of clothing you have.

10 Wedding Guest Outfit Inspiration Ideas To Try

The problem with having so many options to choose from is that there are so many options to choose from. Fortunately, we've put together some inspiration to help you decide what to wear for a wedding.

10 Cottagecore Fashion Brands To Check Out

Right now is the perfect time to throw on a comfortable day dress and sit out by the trees. As a result, we’ve put together a list of ten cottagecore fashion brands that you can check out for your spring fashion.

8 Clever Ways To Refashion Old Jeans

Nothing is more heartbreaking than having to say goodbye to a perfect pair of jeans. Fortunately, this may not be a concern any longer with all the clever ways to refashion old jeans available to us.

Our Picks: The Top 20 Best Dressed Celebs At The Oscars

Our 2021 Oscars best-dressed list.

Stylespiration: A Glimpse At Spring Street Styles Looks To Recreate

Spring has sprung, and there's a lot to look forward to. For Fashion enthusiasts, it means it's time to hop onto some new styles that you've had on your mind for the last few weeks or months.

9 Memorable Couple Style Moments From The 2021 Oscars

Fortunately for style enthusiasts, the 93rd Annual Oscar Awards had a red carpet for celebrities to strut their stuff. Some of who made the most of the occasion and turned it into a special date night.