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Top 10 Matte Foundations of 2021

If your 2021 makeup goals include trying a foundation that gives maximum coverage, creamy texture, smooth finish, and long-lasting formula, we have got you covered.

Unpacking Blackpink’s Iconic Beauty Routines & Looks

The stunning women blaze trails when it comes to music, fashion, and beauty, inspiring women with their work globally.

A Comprehensive Guide To The Basics Of Skin Care For Men

The pursuit for radiant and healthy-looking skin goes across genders. It's becoming increasingly popular as male grooming has become more prominent over recent years.

5 Most Effective Products For Scarring Recommended By Dermatologists

Although the acne experience is not the same for everyone, most people who’ve struggled with spots end up scarring once the skin clears.

Essie Nail Polish Makes Move To Introduce New Vegan & 8-Free Formula

Essie is leading the pack with their full switch to wholly vegan and ‘8-free’ formula promise.

Top 10 Hair Products For Curls

Whether you prefer loose curls, beachy waves, gorgeous ringlets, or natural kinks, we’ve got the most exciting lineup of oils, shampoos, and conditioning creams to help you nail your curls to perfection.

10 Simple Makeup Looks To Compliment Your Little Black Dress

Your LBD look can never go wrong with red lipstick, bold eyeliner, neutral makeup, and a splash of colors for your eyeshadow. But there's also a lot more you can try.

A Comprehensive Guide To Detoxing Skin

If your dull, tired, and grumpy skin is interrupting all your new year plans, it’s probably time to ditch the old skincare ways and opt for a complete detox routine.

5 Tips On Using Retinoids On Sensitive Skin According To Dermatologists

No matter where you turn for skincare advice, retinol seems to come up in conversation.

5 Exciting New Skincare Products Launched In January

Your skin deserves to be celebrated and taken care of much more than before, so ring in 2021 with some exciting new skincare products that promise you the best results.

Unpacking Dakota Johnson’s Clever Mascara Trick

Tippi Hendren passed down to her granddaughter, actress, Dakota Johnson, and subsequently passed down to us all is quick, easy, and works like a charm.

Peach Hair Is Becoming The New Red

Sometimes going red doesn't have to be so daunting, as seen with the latest peach hair color trend.

Navigating Grief & Loss While Social Isolating

Grief can take you down a lonely path, even more so during this time of social distancing.

5 Skin Care Habits That Don’t Belong In 2021

While preparing your skincare routine for 2021, make sure you consider the don'ts that are not worth carrying along, like touching your face, sleeping on your face wash ritual, and ignoring your moisturizer.

Exploring The Interesting World Of Bio-Technology In Beauty Products

Biotechnology in skincare has become increasingly advanced, and with that, we're seeing all of the benefits that accompany these innovations and how they can aid in saving the environment.

5 Facials To Get Plump Skin

There is a wide variety of these treatments available to pick from, which can be daunting for a beginner facial enthusiast.

Latinx Makeup Brands To Support This Year

There are so many products to meet your beauty needs, from a vast shade range of foundations and concealers to highly pigmented eyeshadow

A Complete Step-By-Step Guide To At-Home Pedicures

Here’s a guide to your perfect at-home pedi.

Top 5 Blushes For A Glowy Finish

You may be a makeup pro, but it’s always good to keep your tracks covered. And that includes knowing how to select the right blush for a natural, rosy glow on your cheeks.

Zoe Saldana Reveals Her Anti Aging Skincare Routine

Since the beginning of the lockdown last year, an increasing number of celebrities have been spilling the beans on their skincare habits and general beauty routines.