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The Top 5 V Friendly Lubricants

Whether you're living a vegan lifestyle or just don't want anything unnatural in your sensitive bits, there are tons of vegan-friendly lubricants out that are cruelty-free and with no stickiness, chafing, or horrible flavors included.

Give Your Wifi A Break: 5 Offline Puzzles To Try During Lockdown

Aside from having an engaging and entertaining way to pass the time, some of the benefits of assembling puzzles include increased productivity, improved memory, and greater attention to detail. It’s about time you unplug for a little and put together a puzzle.

Jennifer Lopez Is Launching A Skincare Line Called J.LO Beauty

In addition to her long list of talents, Lopez has always wowed the world with her radiant skin. She has previously shared how she has been able to achieve her youthful glow highlighting that it starts from within. However, she does have a few tricks up her sleeve.

Selena Gomez Serves Stunning Makeup Looks On Instagram

The Rare Beauty founder isn’t afraid to play with bold new looks that match her youthful style and persona.

Avoid Chapped Lips: Invest In One Of These Winter Lip Balms

Some may notice that application is more frequent during winter, but lips still end up chapped and painful.

Ethical Porn: Explore A More Respectful Side Of The Sex Industry

Ethical porn refers to porn that aims to redress the issues that are perpetuated by mainstream porn. It is predicated on ideas around consent, respect, and representation of diverse bodies.

Amp Up The Romance With The 10 Virtual Date Ideas

Don’t have to feel demotivated by the fact that you can't be with your S.O right now. You may not be able to be together physically, but it could be a great time to deepen your connection and discover new ways of being together, apart.

10 Stunning Nail Art & Color Ideas To Try This Thanksgiving

Mashed potatoes aren’t the only thing being served this Thanksgiving. This holiday season, the category is nails! If you’re looking for Thanksgiving nail inspiration, it's on its way, and you could be serving in an entirely different department.

Heed The CDC Recommendation & Host A Virtual Thanksgiving Instead

Consider the CDC’s recommendation and host a virtual Thanksgiving Party. If you're wondering how you could successfully host an entertaining virtual Thanksgiving, we've got some ideas that are actually enjoyable.

Chrissy Teigen Reveals Her Secret To Glowy Skin Is Plum Face Oil

She recently posted a series of Instagram stories giving us the answers we’ve all been looking for. Teigen shared her night-time skin routine and an extraordinary little “miracle” oil that she swears by.

The Best Face Masks To Use Before The Holidays

Holiday parties are coming soon, which means it’s

Combat Chapped Lips This Winter With These Easy Tips

Cold and dry weather is a significant contributing factor to chapped lips during the winter season.

Pampered: Exploring The Benefits Of Foot Massages

Feet tend to get neglected in our daily lives but getting you them out of your shoes and giving them a massage can be surprisingly beneficial for your entire body

Khloé Kardashian Flaunts Her Natural Curly Hair In A Video Clip

Most of the world has kept up with the famous family for years but surprisingly hasn't seen Khloé's natural tresses until now.

Pharell Williams Launches Skincare Brand Called Humanrace

Everyone brace yourselves. The ageless Pharrell Williams may be about to show us that special fountain. His skin already told the world that he knows all about it.

Last Object: A Glimpse Into Designer Isabel Aagard’s Inspiring World

The world of sustainable living is now a

Lady Gaga Looks Fresh Faced In New Perfume Ad

The message of this new campaign is so powerful. One’s voice is distinct, and it goes beyond the sound that emanates from your throat, but it's how you say things and the negative or positive impact thereof.

Kate Middleton Reveals Prince William Cooks For Her

The couple spoke family cooking and a lot more with "Great British Bake Off" star Marry Berry in a fun Christmas special in 2019. The Duke of Cambridge also shared the recipe for his classic Italian, homemade sauce for a new charity cookbook.

Keep It Natural: The Perfect Gifts For Those Rocking Their Natural Hair

Whether it is relaxed, unprocessed, or silk pressed, every woman of color has a special connection to and affinity for their luscious locks.

Genderless Makeup Brands Shake Up The Industry

All makeup should essentially be genderless makeup. The marketing of makeup for the ‘traditional’ woman is a thing of the past and just won’t cut it.