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Our Pick: The Most Exciting New Skincare Products Launching In April

While life can get tedious sometimes, that doesn't mean you have to compromise your skin-care routine. And with the spring season in full bloom, now is the perfect time to stock up your beauty repertoire with splurge-worthy serums, toners, exfoliating treatments, and face masks.

Celebs Reveal Their Favorite Skin-Care Products for Women Over 50

While nobody can defy aging, some of our favorite A-list celebrities have proven otherwise. From Jennifer Aniston and Victoria Beckham to Viola Davis, we've brought you the best Hollywood-approved holy-grail products to combat visible signs of aging and embrace eternal youthfulness.

Our Pick: Top 10 Eyelash Serums To Try In 2021

If you've ever tried an eyelash serum, you may be familiar with the big promises they make. The truth is, they won't work overnight, but you will get almost immediately a good shiny coat before you see the eventual magic.

Polyglutamic Acid: Is The New Skincare Star Ingredient Worth The Hype?

Another day another buzzy new skincare ingredient that everyone seems to love at the moment. Polyglutamic acid has been getting all of the hype lately, and we are just learning more about it.

Oyster Gray Is The Hair Color Of The Season

Guess what's on the 2021 hair trend's list? The coolest new shade of gray, the 'Oyster Gray,' also called the pearlescent summer hair trend.

The Best Hair Dryers For Curly Hair

There newer range of options when it comes to hairdryers can be dizzying. Do you want infrared or ion technology for maximum frizz control and minimal drying time? Or is salon power for long-lasting results your priority?

A Glimpse At Phoebe Dynevor’s Skincare Routine

The secrets to achieving Phoebe Dynevor's flawless skin.

Busting 6 Waxing Myths and Truths

All the myths about waxing and their truths.

5 Vegan Beauty Brands Worth Trying At Least Once

Turning into a vegan diet and lifestyle has never been so easy. Check these five vegan beauty brands that are revolutionizing the market with their animal-friendly and cruelty-free products.

Scalp Massage: Will It Really Stimulate Hair Growth

The secret to long, luscious hair might be right at your fingertips.

14 Celebs Who Opted For Reverse Plastic Surgery

All of the celebs who decided they didn't like their plastic surgery results.

A Comprehensive Guide To Hair Bond Repair Products

These products are specifically formulated to visibly repair the appearance of damage and dryness to the hair.

10 Ways To Pull Off 90s Inspired Blue Eyeshadow

Blue eyeshadow will always be iconic for its impact in the 90s and its significance in our pre-teen years. Now that we are a little older, it’s time to relive the blue moment in a more chic way.

Soulmates: Exploring Skincare Ingredient Pairs That Work

Not all ingredients are friends with each other, and some may even negate each other's benefits.

A Guide To Smoothly Transition To Natural Hair

You may have already started doing your research about transitioning, and if you haven't, you'll probably end up where most people do when seeking hair guidance and inspo. Youtube.

Alyson Stoner Opens Up About Abuse As A Child Star In ‘People’ Op-Ed

Alyson Stoner recently detailed the dangers and abuse of being a child growing up in the limelight in a heartfelt op-ed for "People."

Reese Witherspoon Is New Face of Biossance

Reese Witherspoon has become the face of a clean beauty brand!

Makeup Trends: Spring Sees Stardust Inspired Eyeshadow Make A Comeback

Stardust eyeshadow is like a sophisticated version of fairy dust for adults, and everyone adores it. Read more to see how this ethereal eyeshadow trend will officially take over this Spring’s makeup looks.

10 Items TikTok Made Us Buy

TikTok's influence goes far beyond the small world of the internet and social networks.

Top 10 Detangling Products For Curly Hair

Getting rid of knots and tangles in curly hair is a non-negotiable part of a healthy hair care regimen.