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Unpacking Lenny Kravitz’s Skincare Routine

If ever you wanted to look like Lenny Kravitz, here is what you can do.

Nail Designs To Match Your Star Sign

We're welcoming a new season, and with a new season comes a new set of grabbers.

A Guide To Taming Baby Hairs

Styling baby hairs has been a go-to for many black women and women of color for several years. However, nowadays, more women adopt the look for their hairstyles than ever before, thanks to the natural hair movement.

A Guide To Building The Ultimate Fragrance Collection

Building your signature fragrance collection is much easier than you think.

Exploring Possible Causes & Treatments For Eyebrow Breakouts

Pimples pop out of nowhere and make you feel so conscious of them, especially when you can’t hide them in places like your forehead!

Our Pick: The Best No-Cheeto Self Tanners For Summer 2021

This is for the person on the fence about buying a self-tanner because too many people you know (or have seen) experience a cringy Cheeto tan. You know, the orange hands, the streaky application, and the tan that disappears before to uneven get to your location.

Our Pick: Top 10 Braid Styles To Try This Summer

Bubble braids are already dominating the 2021 award season, so you can start there. If you've been dying to try a few braided styles that will elevate your summer looks, you're in the right place. Here are our top ten braid styles to try this summer.

Feral Eyebrows: Hot New Trend Or Beauty Faux Pas

Feral eyebrows, having become has-been, now give way to naturalness and succumb to the trend of wild eyebrows as seen on beauty influencers!

Our Pick: The Most Beautiful Nail Art For Different Occasions

From soft pink nail polish to very glamorous nail art designs, you will not run out of ideas to dress your hands with elegance.

10 Eyeliner Mistakes To Avoid

One of the most popular and challenging to use makeup products is eyeliner. Often too thick or asymmetrical, the liner line can quickly fill the eye.

A Guide To Dealing With Pregnancy Pigmentation

If your skin is beginning to change, here's why.

10 Hair Accessories For Natural Hair That Aren’t Beads

A new hairstyle can make a woman feel like a million bucks, except when their only accessory choice is beads. Although beads look fabulous on natural hair, many women would love to switch the look-up more.

5 Hair Care Mistakes To Avoid With Braided Hair

Braiding your hair is a fantastic way to ensure that your hair is protected from damage and strain. However, this isn’t always the case since many women end up making some damaging hair care mistakes.

Exploring The Puppy Eyeliner Trend

Step aside sultry cat-eye eyeliner because the adorable puppy dog eyeliner is here to trend. This Korean beauty makeup technique is too cute to ignore, and thankfully it is really easy to achieve.

Our Pick: 7 BB Creams To Try For Dewy Skin

Born in South Korea, these Beauty Balms offer the best of makeup and skincare, and are perfect for a no-makeup makeup look.

Our Pick: The Best Bronzers & Self-Tanners For Dark Skin

And thanks to the new and innovative formulas in the market, you can now find bronzers and self-tanners for deep skin tones.

Our Pick: The Best Black-Owned Makeup Brands Worth Trying

Fortunately, we now have a myriad of Black-owned makeup brands with innovative and highly pigmented formulas to fill the gap.

Exploring The Appeal Of Pinterest To Beauty Lovers

Pinterest is a place to find inspiration for your style, no matter your taste! And when it comes to makeup, it's only getting better!

Exploring The Grey Blending Trend

Going grey can be a nightmare, but transitioning to grey is easier than covering it up! And it takes a whole lot of maintenance off your hands!

Pride Month Inspired Makeup Looks

We know that you may already have scrolled Pinterest or TikTok for some incredible looks, but we've scrolled Instagram for some of the most striking looks that you can try. Okay, enough chit-chat; scroll below for some of our favorite Pride month-inspired looks.