The Hottest Jobs To Have During The Pandemic

Businesses of all shapes and sizes have been affected by the outbreak of COVID-19. They are finding it difficult to operate smoothly with many employees finding themselves out of work. Others have transitioned to working from home and are depending on technology and the internet to get things done. 

It is, therefore, not surprising that internet-related jobs are suddenly in high demand during the pandemic. If you have the skills and knowledge needed and are looking for a new job, the time to look into these hot jobs is now.

Web Front-end Development Engineer

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A front-end development web engineer, or developer or designer, is mainly responsible for selecting, installing, and testing user interface elements of a website. They are involved in the design and outlook of the website. 

The job requires an in-depth understanding of user experience, interaction processes, and user needs, including a keen interest in Web technology innovation and rich internet application development. You also need the skills to communicate with your co-workers, so that they can understand and follow clearly.

Database Administrator

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The database administrator’s job is to manage, maintain, and secure database systems. It is a critical job function because the loss of sensitive information could be catastrophic for a company or organization. Their duties include installing, backing up, updating, and patching databases. 

They ensure database access, completeness, and coherence. The critical skills required for the job are fluency in SQL, UNIX, and Oracle. Employers prefer candidates with a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information science, or a relevant field. Analytical and communicative skills, as well as the ability to manage and organize, are essential to success.

Software Development Engineer

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There is an increasing demand for software developers in multiple industries due to the development of the Internet. Software development engineers are tasked with developing the test, modifying, and debugging software applications, monitoring program performance, as well as designing software solutions based on user needs.

Software engineers usually work with a group of designers, content producers, and other engineers, because software development has a considerable workload. They focus on a specific area over some time. Software developers command a high salary with income closely related to the developer’s technical ability and experience in the competitive industry.

Insurance Salesman(saleswoman)

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With the spread of COVID-19, the insurance industry has seen an increase in new policies. While some consumers have opted to buy insurance policies out of fear of the coronavirus outbreak, others are concerned about the heavy financial burden they will incur if someone in their family becomes seriously ill due to the pandemic. 

The insurance purchased includes medical insurance for the whole family, accident insurance, and serious illness insurance. So, if you think you make a good saleswoman, try the insurance industry.

Internet Marketing & Operation

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The competition in the internet era is extremely fierce, and it isn’t easy to get a product, website, or App to be successful without marketing operations. If a company relies heavily on digital marketing to drive traffic and revenue, then internet marketing/operation plays a vital role in a company’s go-to-market efforts. 

Talented internet marketing/operations managers are needed. If you want to break into the field, think more about statistics, analysis, and accurate positioning – you need hard skills like design, editing, and video editing abilities to stand out.

Finally, the coronavirus outbreak confirms that our lives rely on the internet. Technology has changed the way we live and work. For those who engage in this space, it is an excellent opportunity to find a rewarding job, so start preparing your resume during coronavirus outbreak! There is a huge talent gap that needs filling.

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