10 Ancient Asian Beauty Secrets That Are Gaining Popularity

Asian skincare hit the market and since we’re all after flawless skin we’ve been taking in every word and trying every trick in the book! The secrets to getting that flawless glass skin are all in our hands, and we’re ready to share them!

Your skincare routine can change your skin; how you look after your skin can make or break it. A good skin care regimen can keep away those horrid breakouts and even prolong the signs of aging!

We’re fighting the aging process somehow, but Asians have been winning this battle since the dawn of time! These are some of the secrets that keep Asians looking younger with not a blemish in sight.

1. Facials


In Korean culture, it’s normal to see your facialist at least once a week, and you have to start young if you want to stay young! From the time you’re a toddler, your mom will be introducing you to facials!

These facials aren’t just light massages that we’re used to either. A proper facial in Asian culture is a sort of deep tissue treatment to your skin that helps with issues like acne.

2. Sun protection


In Asian culture, the sun is to avoided and for obvious reasons. Exposure to sunlight can darken any spots on your face and leave you with marks that make you conscious; this is why sunscreen and umbrellas are a standard part of the Korean skincare regimen!

3. Focusing on your acupoints


Stemming from traditional Chinese medicine stimulating the acupoints is a form of skin detox. It helps you release fluid buildup, stimulate collagen production, and even helps reduce the appearance of scars.

4. Jade rollers


Jade rollers or a Gua Sha are some tools that can help stimulate your acupoints. The massages done with these tools can help you sculpt your face, especially when done with a lymphatic drainage massage.

5. Neem


You can use every part of the neem plant to tackle a skin issue! The leaves help you tackle acne and oiliness, the powder with dry skin, and the oil helps with dandruff!

6. Honey


You can find a jar of honey in just about anyone’s pantry! This liquid gold has antiseptic and healing properties that can help you reduce the appearance of burn scars and give you flawless skin!

7. Turmeric


Turmeric is one of India’s best spices and another beauty secret! From flavoring your food to lightening stretch marks, this golden powder gives Indian girls a superpower, and mixed with the right ingredients; you can reduce those wrinkles!

8. Rice water


Asians have used rice water for centuries as a beauty treatment. TikTok has been filled with people using rice water as a hair treatment, but it’s also rumored to help with inflammation and make your skin firmer!

9. LED lights


A new treatment that has hit the scene, you’ve probably seen influencers and celebs getting an LED mask treatment. The different colored lights aim to target your wrinkles; it won’t work alone, though, so don’t throw out your serums just yet!

10. Multistep regimen


We’ve been introduced to the Korean skincare regimen that’s more than your regular face wash, toner, and moisturizer. Koreans don’t believe in being low maintenance when it comes to your skincare steps; in fact, it’s the more, the merrier!

These trends are what give Asian women their eternal youth and beauty! Asians swear by some of these methods; that’s why their skin looks as flawless as a sheet of glass!

Written By:
Dr Saadiqah Hajat

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