10 Celeb-Approved Mother's Day Gifts

Apr 22, 2021
07:00 P.M.
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With Mother’s Day around the corner, everyone is scrambling to find their mother the perfect Mother’s Day gift. We often don’t know what to get our mothers because they deserve the world and more.


However, celebs have given us plenty of inspiration over the years by purchasing the perfect gifts for their mothers that left us wondering, “Why on earth didn’t I think of that in time for Mother’s Day?”

We have compiled a list of the best gifts that celebs have purchased for their mothers over the years.

Jessica Alba


What better way to spoil your mom than by gifting her with something that you have created yourself? We’re not talking about the macaroni necklace you made in kindergarten here.

Jessica Alba says that she loves to gift her Honest Beauty Facial Oil as a mother’s day gift because it is the perfect spoil for mothers who tend not to spoil themselves with beauty products. Pair this with a jade roller, and you have the ideal set.

Mayim Bialik


Mayim Bialik has molded her Mother’s Day gift on what she would like to receive. She said that she spends all of her time in the kitchen and would love to receive items that you could use in the kitchen.

Anything that you can use in the kitchen can be gifted for Mother’s day, as even if your mom already has something, there’s a good chance that she could use another one. Ensure that if you buy something that will be on display in her kitchen, it matches her decor.

Michael Strahan


This is another celeb who gifts something that he has created. Michael Strahan gifts a bag from his luggage collection, which is small enough to fit all of your essentials and easy enough to carry around.

This might not be a conventional Mother’s Day gift, but if your mother enjoys traveling or tends to carry items back and forth a lot, this might be the Mother’s Day gift she never even knew that she needed.

Sara Sampaio


This Victoria’s Secret model knows just what her mom likes and exactly what would suit her in terms of perfume. This is why she chooses to gift her mom with ‘Si Passione’ by Giorgio Armani.

Sampaio said that the scent is “floral yet bold” and said that those are two words that describe her mom in a nutshell. If your mom is a perfect lady and a force to be reckoned with, this might be the ideal gift for her.

Rachel Roy


Rachel Roy prefers to take a more hands-on approach to Mother’s Day gifts. She believes that gifting is best when it involves time or experiences. In this way, not only does her mother get to feel loved and celebrated, but they get to spend some quality time together.

Gifting in this way is an excellent idea because it allows you to spend some time with your mother and not break your bank account in doing so. It could be anything from going to visit your mom to take her out for a mom-date.

Kate Walsh


Kate Walsh is another celeb that enjoys gifting perfume. Perfume is an excellent gift to give your mom if you know what type of scents she likes, but it is essential to remember that perfume is highly personal.

Walsh says that she loves the ‘Boyfriend’ perfume for her mom because it is the perfect mixture of a solid masculine scent and a soft feminine scent, which she believes is ideal for her mother.

Cara Santana


Oil diffusers have become increasingly popular over the past year, probably why Cara Santana enjoys gifting her mother with this gift. Oil diffusers are a great gift for mothers because they have many health benefits and will make your mom’s home smell great!

You might need to teach your mother how to use her oil diffuser if you choose to buy her this gift, but once she knows how to reap the full benefits of the diffuser properly, it might just be the best gift she has ever received.

David and Victoria Beckham


While we might never be able to gift our mothers with this kind of gift, we decided that it would be fun to include it in this article because it is such an outrageous Mother’s Day gift that we giggled when we saw it.

The Beckhams once gifted each of their mothers with a brand new Audi. Getting a car seems a little extravagant for Mother’s Day, but we do not doubt that both ladies accepted the gifts with gratitude and love.

Leonardo Di Caprio


Leo Di Caprio is one of our favorite celebs and undoubtedly the best environmental crusader, so it only fits that he gifted his mother and grandmother with a grove of trees for Mother’s Day in 2013.

The environmental activist said that planting trees is an excellent way to thank the mothers in our lives, and honestly, we couldn’t agree more!

Chrissy Teigen


Anybody that follows Chrissy Teigen on social media knows that she and her mother have an extraordinary relationship. They interact very sweetly on social media, and it is clear how much they love each other.

For this reason, it seems only fitting that Teigen chooses to gift her mother with comforting gifts such as cozy blankets and slippers. These are much more traditional Mother’s Day gifts that will never go out of fashion.