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10 Clever Mini Ceremony Ideas For Pandemic Friendly Weddings


May 29, 2021

The era of large and extravagant wedding celebrations is finally overdue to pandemic restrictions. Wedding ceremonies are now smaller and more unique than ever as a result.

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, those who were looking forward to weddings were crushed. Everybody had to postpone their events and reduce guest lists to adhere to pandemic guidelines. 

Fortunately, many have seen the benefits of having a mini ceremony now and can’t wait to start planning. If you are interested in exploring ten pandemic-friendly mini wedding ceremony ideas, scroll down to see our list. 

Handwritten Invites

Restrictions make ceremonies more intimate, and what better way to enhance that than with a handwritten invitation? Since you have a few guests, opt for beautiful hand-lettering to make your day more unique.

Wedding Announcement 

Your guest list may be significantly reduced, but celebrating with all your friends is still an option. Send a wedding announcement as you would an invitation after your ceremony to the people you’d love to share the moment with. 

Consider Your Favorite Restaurant 

Restaurants have food, drinks, servers, seating, and gorgeous interior decor, which is all you need for a wedding. Consider booking out the private dining room or a few tables at your favorite restaurant for a lovely event. 

Backyard Bride

Family homes may not be practical for hundreds of guests, but they can be perfect for a few. There is nothing more intimate than sharing the moment with family and friends in your or a family member’s garden. 

Airbnb Venue

Booking out a beautiful private home on Airbnb may be the perfect solution for your wedding. An Airbnb can be a cost-effective venue and less strenuous than using your own home with all the sanitizing that must happen after. 

Hire A Coordinator For The Day

You may not need a full-on wedding planner for your mini ceremony, but you may want to consider it for the day. A day of coordinator can take care of things like a missing wine order while you enjoy your wedding. 

Personalize Activities

Traditional weddings are filled with all types of activities such as first dances and bouquet throwing. A smaller wedding allows you to let go of traditions you don’t care for to incorporate your own activities instead. 

Invest In Your Photographer

After canceling a huge venue and catering order, you should have excess cash in your budget. Use this money to invest in a great photographer to capture the intimate moments you’ll share with those who couldn’t attend. 


Lounge Area

Fewer people at your wedding means there will be more time and space for your guests to interact. Create a lounge area in your reception venue so your guests can catch up comfortably while others dance. 

Opt For A Long Table

Make everyone feel like a part of the family with a long table that seats all of your guests. This works well since groups are smaller, making everyone attending the wedding feel included in the ceremony.