10 Common Traits Of Empaths

Have you ever had people tell you that you’re a great listener? Can you vibe something terrible is about to happen even before it does? If your answer is yes, chances are you’re an empath. 

It’s hard to stay true to yourself in a world where everyone is trying to change you always. People who are too sensitive tend to suffer a lot also. That’s why so many of them prefer burying their feelings. 

Empaths are highly intuitive and sensitive souls who can feel, understand, and relate to others. According to Judith Orloff, here are the ten traits common in all empaths. 

1. Empaths Are Highly Sensitive 

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Empaths are big on feelings and emotions. It is one of their most dominant attributes. They have huge hearts and display excellent examples of the giving type.

You can count on empaths to understand your most complicated stuff. 

2. Empaths Absorb Other People’s Emotions 

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Empaths thrive upon taking in other people’s feelings and experiencing their pains. They can relate to people’s troubles in this way and find solutions for them. Sometimes absorbing negative energy from others can also take its toll on them. It’s a habit. 

3. Many Empaths Are Introverted 

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Empaths don’t like huge crowds because being the center of attention isn’t their thing. They are also not fond of talking too much or talking about themselves. Extroverted empaths are also selectively social. 

4. Empaths Are Highly Intuitive

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Empaths are big on feelings and using their intuition to understand the world. If they have a hunch that something is wrong, they are mostly right. Intuition also helps them vibe people and keep the negative ones at bay. 

5. Empaths Need Alone Time 

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Empaths value their alone time. They need their space and comfort to recharge their batteries. If they’re around people all the time, they might absorb negative energies.

Being alone gives them time to think and reflect. 

6. Empaths Can Become Overwhelmed In Intimate Relationships 

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Empaths have a fear of intimacy and tend to avoid getting close to people. They are great at understanding others, but they feel that people will not understand them the same way. 

If they get attached to someone, they invest a lot of themselves into the relationship. The consequences of someone leaving scare them a lot. 

7. Empaths Are Targets For Energy Vampires 

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Empaths are easy victims for vampires who can drain their energy, both physical and mental. Narcissists are one of the most dangerous energy vampires. People with narcissistic tendencies can make the empaths believe they’re not worthy of anything good, including love. 

8. Empaths Become Replenished In Nature 

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Empaths consider the nature of their sanctuary. They find solace in the open, which calms their physical and emotional states. Nature allows them to release their burdens and negative energies and to let go. 

9. Empaths Have Highly Tuned Senses 

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Empaths can connect to their surroundings on an entirely different energy plane. They can sense and feel things that others tend to miss. Empaths are also very in-tune with their inner selves. They spend more time reflecting and feeling, rather than talking. 

10. Empaths Have Huge Hearts But Sometimes Give Too Much 

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Empaths believe in sharing and giving to others. People’s joy brings them utter satisfaction. They go out of their way to help others, but it doesn’t always play out in their favor. 

As an empath, it is essential to understand how to take care of yourself. Helping others and understanding them is a great thing to do. Just make sure you don’t end up giving away all of yourself. 

Written By:
Ayesha Muhammad

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