10 Creative Ways To DIY Flower Girl Accessories

The flower girl’s role is traditionally to scatter the flowers before the bride walks down. There are several ways to make the role more special.

Flower petals are a classic for a reason. But while we love the hits, having something different or new for a wedding can make the day more memorable.

Here are some alternatives to the basket full of flower petals for your flower girl to walk down the aisle with on the wedding day:

Flower Crowns

Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash

Flower crowns are an adorable accessory and so very appropriate for the flower girls of any wedding. You could even DIY this if you want to get your crafty fingers busy.

Bring A Pet Along

Photo by Vitolda Klein on Unsplash

It may sound a little strange, but you could up the adorable (and sentimental value) of the flower girls’ traditional walk down with petals but having them come down the aisle with your pet instead.


Photo by Lili Betelgeuze on Unsplash

Flower girls traditionally scatter flower petals along the aisle as they come down. Instead of flowers, opt for a more whimsical option like bubbles.

Fairy Wings

Fairy wings are a cute and easy accessory to add on the flower girl that won’t be only cute, but they may also really enjoy playing the flower fairy.


Photo by IIONA VIRGIN on Unsplash

Have ballerinas welcome the bride down the aisle with a choreographed ballet sequence. They include flowers in the dance that they’ll scatter before the bride takes the walk.

A Sign

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Have the flower girl walk down the aisle with a sweet message like “wait till you see the bride” written on a decorated umbrella or balloon.

Ribbon Wands 


Add a bit more show and flair to your flower girls’ walk. They can add a fun, whimsical element, and you can opt for the colors of your wedding for some coordination.

Floral Pomanders


Floral pomanders, with a convenient handle attached, are simple for a child to carry. They’re also an appropriate accessory for the flower girl.

A Candle or Lantern


For a slightly older flower girl, you might consider having a little light show using candles, spar, or lanterns. This might look particularly eye-catching for an evening wedding.

Themed Attire


Whether you go for a 20s flapper-inspired costume, cowboy boots, or a little mermaid outfit, having a themed attire might be a cute addition for your flower girl.

Written By:
Tumisang Mosito

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