10 Easy Tips To Staying Organized

Behavior becomes a habit, and habits become a way of life. Similarly, with a little help, staying organized can become a way of life.

Being organized is not an innate ability. It is a healthy habit that few people have managed to cultivate into a lifestyle. Therefore, with a little will and determination, anyone can learn to be organized. 

It doesn’t have to be anything significant. Simple habits like planning things, setting goals, and ditching irrelevant things are enough to get you there. And we have the perfect and practical tips to help you get there.

Have A To-Do List 


You don’t have to have a fancy planner to keep track of what you want to do. A scrap paper is enough to create a detailed to-do list of everything you need to accomplish. Alternatively, use a diary to keep track of your progress.

Organization will help you use your mental energy for getting things done instead of trying to remember tasks. I like sticking post-it-notes with detailed tasks on my laptop and peeling each one off after completing a set task.

Pattern Your Workflow


The human brain is hardwired to thrive in routine. Therefore, when things feel chaotic, it sometimes means there’s a perceived pattern that you are not following. 

Take a more in-depth look at your calendar and find it from Monday through Friday or Saturday and try to adjust all your other activities to fit into your workflow pattern. This is also a great way to gain a healthy work-life balance.    

Avoid Procrastination


The longer you wait to do things, the more they will pile up, making it more challenging to get them done. The key to a stress-free life is doing something as soon as you can. 

Besides being organized, you will be making the best use of your time every second. To maintain this, always do it today rather than tomorrow. Create a system to hold yourself accountable for procrastinating without valid reasons.  

Breakdown Challenging tasks 


It is human to avoid tasks that challenge us or take up much energy. To stay focused and motivated, stay organized by breaking down intimidating projects into smaller and manageable tasks.

By doing this, you bet you will remain organized as small tasks are often fun to perform. For example, checking off small jobs on your to-do list will motivate you to keep working than one big project would.   

Keep Your Working Space Tidy


You might not think it, but your environment plays a significant role in your overall motivation and product. Though tidying up your desk might be the last thing on your mind on a busy weekday, a clean environment fosters an organized mind. 

Do this by ensuring that everything is where it belongs. By reducing clutter, your brain is able to focus on the task at hand hence productivity. Consider having desk organizers like a ceramic mug to keep your pens.  

Group Tasks


Another trick to staying organized even when you have tons of things to do is grouping your tasks. By doing this, you give yourself a chance to work on related activities and hence a sense of flow. 

Our brains translate a seamless flow of activities as routine and, therefore, easier to get things done. The best way to do this is to set similar tasks for the same day.

Delegate Tasks


An organized life doesn’t always mean a well-planned out overflow of responsibilities, deadlines, and meetings. Sometimes an organized life means fewer responsibilities and duties because tasks have been well distributed

You do not have to do everything yourself, delegate some activities to your workmates and only do what you need to do. Delegating duties also allows you to be in a better mental and physical shape, crucial for productivity. 

Work Hard And Smart


Things don’t fall into place by themself. More often than not, we have to put in the work. After delegating responsibilities, make a plan of what you need to do and when you can do it. 

Remember that being busy doesn’t always mean hard work hence the need to work smart, which will keep you happy and motivated. For instance, instead of working because it is your job, strive to become an expert in your field. 

Avoid Replacing


It is human nature to replace things. To stay organized, you have to consciously make an effort not to replace old disorganization habits with new ones. 

For instance, if you declutter your working desk to keep it neat, don’t fall victim to bringing more clutter from sale promotions. You don’t always have to buy it even if it is discounted. 

Pace Yourself


Another foolproof tip for staying organized is to pace yourself both physically and mentally. The best way to do this is by setting short and long term goals. Remember that no goal is too small or silly to set.

Start by taking baby steps towards achieving ultimate organization. This could be something as simple as making your bed every morning to set a goal to finish one major project each day.  

Written By:
Ruth Mwaura

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