10 Exercises To Help You Reach Your Flat Tummy Goals

All women dream of a flat stomach. Unfortunately, many factors prevent them from doing so. Overweight, pregnancy, stress-causing bloating, and more prevent them from displaying a firm and toned abdomen!

The origin of a round belly may be linked to a few extra pounds or even poor intestinal transit. Eating a balanced diet may well help you achieve a flatter stomach. By eating more healthily, you will limit the production of fat and regulate your intestinal transit.

Also, doing the right exercises will help you achieve that summer body you have been longing for. Let’s face it; there is no flat and toned stomach without targeted muscle building! It’s non-negotiable.

1. The Tree

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Standing, feet slightly apart, arms at your sides, contract perineum, and abs and fix a point in the distance. Move your body weight to your left leg and slowly bring the other up, sliding the foot along the calf, ideally up to the knee. 

Gradually spread your arms to ensure your balance. Then join the hands in prayer and hold the position while inhaling slowly for a count of three, hold your breath two times, exhale for five, block on two once the lungs are empty. Switch sides. Repeat this cycle three times.

2. Bicycle

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Lie on your back. Then raise your legs and keep them bent. Slowly bring one knee to the bust while blowing and pulling in your stomach. Return to the initial position while inhaling. 

Do the same with the other leg. The important thing is to coordinate movements and breathing. Repeat three sets of twenty (ten on each side).

3. Abdominal Breathing Exercise


Lie on the floor, arms at your sides, legs bent, inhale completely while releasing your stomach, then exhale very slowly while contracting your abs and perineum.

Visualize your navel going towards your spine. You can decide to put your hands on your stomach to feel the contractions better.

4. The Plank

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Static core strengthening is the best way to strengthen the core muscles. The forearm plank allows you to sheath your stomach by supporting your transverse. It plays a significant role in maintaining the viscera. 

It is also responsible for the power given off by your body. The forearm plank helps tighten your stomach and strengthen your back because it is essential to take care of your posture to enjoy a slimmer silhouette.

5. The Mountain Climber


The mountain climber is both a cardio exercise and an excellent tool for working your abdominal strap. It develops many muscles, including the abdominals, glutes, quads, calves, deltoids, hamstrings, triceps, and more.

Involve your abdominals to help you maintain the sheathed position and avoid digging your back. The mountain climber helps you achieve a flat stomach by working the deep muscles of your abdominals, especially the transverse and obliques.

6. Squats

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Squats are also great for regaining a toned stomach. If they put a lot of stress on the buttocks, they also have the advantage of working many other muscles, including the abdominal strap and the back. A complete exercise, therefore, and ideal for sculpting your mermaid silhouette.

7. The Cobra Posture

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Lie flat on your stomach. Outstretch your legs and feet together but without force. Place your hands on either side of your body and lift your bust. Pay close attention to your breathing.

This posture not only strengthens the abdominal muscles and the spine but also fights against constipation. In addition, yoga is known for its relaxing virtues. It will, therefore, also allow you to evacuate your stress, a factor that disrupts intestinal transit and promotes bloating!

8. The Pelvic Floor


Vary the muscular demands and enjoy a 2-in-1 effect thanks to the pelvic survey or pelvic floor exercises. It tones your glutes while engaging your abdominals. They help maintain your posture and help you resist the force exerted by your body weight when you lift it.

9. The Reverse Crunch


The reverse crunch is an abdominal exercise accessible even to beginners. However, make sure that it is carried out correctly; otherwise, back pain could occur.

10. Sit Up


Lie on the ground and bend your legs with heels near your buttocks. Bring your fingers to your temples, exhaling, raise your back straight, bringing it towards your legs. 

The important thing is to feel all the vertebrae well in the ascent and descent! It would be best if you never stood up or lie down with your back straight.

Written By:
Titi Dokubo

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