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10 Facts You Need To Know About Your Vagina


July 19, 2021

If you’re a person with a vagina, you probably know one or two facts like always pee after sex and never leave a tampon in for longer than four hours, or you could risk infection. These are facts we are all taught somewhere along the line. 

However, there are many more facts about vaginas that we don’t know and have never been told for some odd reason. You would think that sex education would give you every fact you ever needed, but sadly that’s not true. 

Here are some of the facts about your vagina that you may not have known before. 


Many people want to experience the orgasm that comes from stimulating the g-spot in their bodies, but the truth is that the g-spot is one of the few places in the body from which you can reach an intense orgasm. 

There are four pathways to pleasure that can be used to reach orgasm, each of them offering a similar but unique experience. People with vaginas tend to experience orgasm in a different way to those without. 


I don’t know anyone who isn’t at least worried about the wrinkles they are forming as they age. The tiny crow’s feet next to the eyes and the fine lines showing up on their foreheads are plaguing many women.

This is probably not the news that you want to hear, but just like the skin on your body, your vagina also wrinkles as you age. These changes are normal and should not change anything but the appearance of your vagina. 


Okay, you probably read that subheading and got super confused, but it is not what you think. We’re not saying that your vagina is a vineyard or that it might taste like wine down there; we’re talking about something else entirely. 

When we say that the vagina is like wine, we mean it is like wine in its PH balance. Wine and vaginas both have a PH balance of about 4.5, making your vagina just slightly acidic. If PH levels rise above 4.5, you are more susceptible to infections. 


You might be in the gym every day working on toning your body up and staying fit and healthy in general. This is an excellent habit to have, and spending time being active each day is great for your health. 

However, many people tend to neglect their vaginas when they are planning their workout routine for the week. The truth is, your vagina will benefit from a workout too. Doing some Kegels will strengthen your pelvic floor and keep your vagina healthy. 


Sex education in schools really doesn’t always do what it sets out to do and often leaves us with more questions than answers. One thing that is never taught in sex education is that some vaginal discharge is normal. 

Vaginal discharge can be seen as a bad thing, and there is a certain stigma around those women who do experience vaginal discharge. A little vaginal discharge that is odorless is completely normal. If you notice a large amount of discharge or a pungent smell, it is time to see a doctor. 


While women spend a lot of time trying to ensure that they always smell good and keep themselves clean, however, it is important to note that your vagina does not require serious cleaning because it cleans itself. 

Having said that, using feminine products that are meant to make your vagina smell ‘better’ could be extremely harmful to your Ph levels and should not be used. Your vagina is not meant to smell like a meadow of daisies; it is meant to smell like a vagina. 


Any woman that has had a child will tell you that although painful and difficult, childbirth in any form is one of the most magical things that can ever happen to you. However, natural childbirth can drastically change the appearance of your vagina. 

Normally, your vagina’s appearance will change after childbirth, you just performed one of the most amazing acts in the world, and it is to be expected. Your vagina may also feel different after childbirth, which is also normal. 


In many of the articles at WomanlyLive, we have mentioned that your health starts with what you put in your mouth. The food that you nourish your body with will ultimately determine the health of your body. 

However, in the case of vaginas, what you eat can affect the scent of your vagina, too. Pineapple is believed to make the scent sweeter, while foods like garlic are said to do the opposite. If you notice that the scent has dramatically changed, though, it is a good idea to consult your doctor. 



The media and entertainment feed us much false information that we just take as being true because we do not know any better. One of these false narratives is that many, if not all, women can reach orgasm from only penetrative sex. 

For many women, this is simply not true. In fact, most women do not reach orgasm from penetrative sex and need to be stimulated before, during, and after penetrative sex to reach orgasm. 

Not All Women 

One thing that is incredibly important to remember about vaginas is that they are not exclusive to women. Not all women have vaginas, and not everyone that has a vagina is a woman. 

Many women in the world do not have vaginas, and many people in the world have vaginas and are not women. Genitalia does not determine gender any longer, and it is important not to generalize.