10 Inner Thigh Exercises To Tone Your Legs For Summer

May 28, 2021
09:00 P.M.
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How much attention are you giving to your inner thighs when you exercise? Building the muscle in the inner thigh (adductors) will give you the results you need as they stabilize your hips, core, lower back, and knees.


But before you blast off doing inner thigh exercises alone, it’s essential to still engage in full-body workout routines. They have to include strengthening and cardiovascular exercises. But to get better results, ensure you maintain a mind and muscle connection as well.

These exercises don’t need a gym, meaning you can comfortably do them in your house. Therefore, grab your equipment and use this weekend to tone your legs with these ten inner thigh exercises.

Lateral Squat Walk


This exercise is perfect for working both the glutes and inner thighs. But grab your resistance band first because you’ll require it to enhance parts of the movement. To begin, place the resistance band above your knees or lower ankles.

Then, stand with your feet wide apart and lower into a squat. While in a squat, slowly move ten steps to the right, squat then ten steps to the left. But if it gets too complicated, you also have the option of removing the band.

Lateral Lunge


We are often used to doing lunges backward and forwards that we tend to forget lunging laterally too. Lateral movements are fundamental in building and strengthening the inner thigh. Also, it feels similar to doing steps to the tango.

Therefore, keep a straight position and begin with your feet wide apart. Then, while pushing your booty down, slowly get into a squat position on one side. Engage your glutes while raising your leg and repeat the same on the opposite side.

Hip Bridge with Pulse


Doing hip bridges are great at waking up your inner thighs, assisting with knee and hip stability. Also, if you feel like pushing yourself, you can add a resistance band to make the movements more intense.

Begin by lying flat on your back, keeping your knees bent while your feet remain flat on the floor. Then with your arms placed flat on the side, lift-off through your heels, pushing your pelvis towards the ceiling. Lower back slowly and repeat the movement.

Inner Thigh Raise


Despite this low-impact movement being done while laying down, it requires tons of control and focus. So take a deep breath and begin lying down. Place your head, hips, and heels in one straight line.

Place your fingertips on the ground for stability and bring your left leg over your right, so the left heel touches the ground. Next, while engaging your core and glutes, raise your bottom leg two inches from the ground and repeat the same movement on the other side.

Bridge With Pilates Ball


This exercise is not only great at building the inner muscle but working your core, pelvic floor and stabilizing your hips as well. So, grab your pilates ball because you’ll need it. To begin, lay flat on your back and with your knees bent and feet touching the ground.

Then, place your inflatable ball that should be similar in size to a volleyball between your knees. Begin to squeeze the ball while raising your knees towards the ceiling. Once you get the hang of it, try and work up doing twenty reps of three sets.

Stability Ball Leg Drops


Pay attention, as this movement will require your uttermost focus. Lay flat on your back while having your stability ball placed in between your ankles. Then lift your legs upright until they are at a ninety-degree angle while squeezing the ball.

Using your core, lower the ball up and down while ensuring your legs don’t touch the ground. Also, remember to protect your lower back by ensuring it stays flat on the floor while moving your legs. Try and do approximately twenty reps to get a good workout in.

Pilates Torpedoes


Despite this exercise seeming extremely easy, we must warn you your abs will get an intense workout in the process. Challenge yourself by putting your workout gear on and laying on the side with your legs stacked on each other.

Then ensure your body remains still by keeping your core engaged. Begin by lifting both your legs off the ground and let your top leg remain lifted. Continue by dropping your lower leg to the ground and continue that movement till you get fifteen reps in.

Reverse Lunge


Not only will this move work your inner core, but it will act as a cardio exercise as well by getting your heart pumping. Therefore, begin by standing tall in an upright position with your arms placed on your sides.

Then, while bending both legs, ensure your back knee gently taps the ground while bringing your hands to your chest. However, ensure it’s a gentle landing to avoid any injury. Do the same on the other leg and repeat the movement ten times on either leg.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks also contain lateral movements, which are fantastic for an inner thigh workout. Begin by standing tall with your legs together and having your arms placed on the sides. Then jump open with your legs slighter wider than hip-distance, so don’t overdo it.


Also, while you jump, bring your arms together above your head. Then jump back, lowering your arms to your sides and your feet back together. With that counting as one rep, continue the movement until you’ve finished ten jumps.

Isometric Squat


This is not your regular squat exercise. Isometric squats involve moving slow so get ready for an inner thigh burn while doing this exercise. Begin by standing with your feet wide apart while clasping your arms at your chest.

Then push your lower back and thighs backward until you’re in a sitting position. Hold the squat for around thirty seconds and lift back up. That counts as one rep; therefore, continue until you’ve gotten ten reps of three rounds to work your muscles.