10 Intriguing Facts about Pisces

With the Pisces Season in full bloom, it would help get to know one of the most complicated zodiac signs in a new light. Characterized by the water and governed by Neptune’s ruling planet, Pisceans are known for being mysterious, artistic, and dreamy. 

Pisces is the twelfth and last astrological sign, born between February 19 and March 20. Two fish moving in opposite directions (yin and yang) are symbolic of their intense nature, showing their struggle between the rational and fictional world. 

This water sign is known for taking on the eleven preceding signs’ traits, making them one of the most difficult people to understand. If you’re a Pisces or are trying to figure out a fellow Pisces around you, check out these ten intriguing facts that define this mutable zodiac sign. 

1.They Are Creative 

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If you’ve seen a Pisces around you babble about painting, music, or some other passion, chances are you’re already familiar with their creative side. They love to channel their energy into doing something innovative and fun. 

2.They Are Conflicted 

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You might think you have figured out a Pisces, but they’d prove you wrong every single time. They are nearly impossible to figure out because of all the chaos going on in their head and heart, fighting battles you may never know.

3.Mind Reader 

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Pisces are excellent at reading people’s thoughts and deciphering their feelings and emotions. For all you know, they have been closely observing you since the time they first set eyes on you, noticing every move you make and every word you say. 

4.They Are Escapists 

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With so much going on in their minds, they often seek refuge in the fantasy world. Pisces excel at daydreaming and zoning out, getting lost in their world of dreams where everything is rosy and sweet. 

5.They Can Be Callous 

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Pisces are not quite fond of getting angry or taking out their frustration on people. Instead, they prefer to become distant and cold when they realize somebody is not worth their efforts and feelings. 

6.Feeling Rather Than Talking 

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If you’ve ever caught a Pisces staring at you for long time periods, it’s because they’re trying to show you how they feel. They like to express their emotions through their expressions and gestures rather than words. 

7.They Are Romantics 

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Pisces love being in love and will always make sure they’re super expressive about how they feel. They thrive upon emotional intimacy and view romance on a much more sacred and spiritual level.  


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Pisces is most compatible with fellow water signs, Cancer, and Scorpio because all three share the same intuitive and emotional energy. Their opposite sign is Virgo, which tends to be more rational and practical and isn’t a suitable match for them. 

9.They Make Great Friends 

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Pisces is always ready for new and exciting experiences. This is why they are easy to befriend and get along with because they show understanding and support, and care for the people close to them. 

10.They Can Be Destructive 

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While Pisces is non-confrontational and easy-going, it’s best not to get on their bad side. They have destructive tendencies which can be both internal and external, so it’s best to play nice and safe. 

Written By:
Ayesha Muhammad

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