10 Quote Tattoos That Aren't Cringey

Mar 02, 2021
08:00 A.M.
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No matter what type of person you are, chances are you’ve considered a tattoo at least once in your life. If you haven’t considered it, you’ve tried to talk somebody out of getting one.


Most people think that as long as your tattoo has some type of special meaning to you, you’re justified in getting the tattoo. Many other people believe that if your nephew draws a stick figure that you vibe with, you should get it tattooed on your shoulder.

We’re here to help you find the happy medium between those two in the form of quote tattoos. While it might not mean something special, it will resonate with the person getting the tattoo somehow.

She Believed


This quote is perfect for the feminist in all of us. An inspiring quote that reminds the person whose tattoo it is and all of those around her is precisely what she is capable of.

This tattoo would be perfectly placed on a collarbone or a forearm. Somewhere that it can always be seen and serve as a constant reminder. This quote could be written in pretty cursive handwriting or even a bolder typewriting font.

Built Different


A beautifully intricate tattoo to remind the wearer of the beautifully intricate nature of their body and mind. This quote is perfect for the woman who needs to remind herself that she is beautiful and gentle and strong and independent.

You could also have this tattoo done in a more muted way, with only the bare skin quote. How you style it is up to you, it will be a beautiful reminder either way.

For Goodness Sake


This is for the woman who tends to get down in the dumps on herself or just a woman who needs a reminder of what matters in life. It could also be perfect for the woman that prides herself on a positive attitude.

The placement possibilities for these tattoos are endless as it is a shorter quote. You could put this tattoo somewhere that you can see it daily or in a place where you won’t see it as often, but it serves as a pick-me-up when you do.



One of the most famous and influential poets to ever walk this earth, Maya Angelou, once wrote a Still I Rise poem. It is a fantastic testament to just how strong women are.

This quote is the perfect tattoo for a woman who believes in the strength of not only herself but all the women around her. The placement of this tattoo is not nearly as important as the message of power is.



While it’s not a quote, what better word could you think of to have inscribed onto your skin? Family is so important in our lives, whether that’s biological family or friends who have become family.

The placement of this tattoo could be anywhere on your body that you would like to keep your family close to, for example, your ribcage close to your heart. Something else that would make this tattoo extra special would be to add a particular animal or symbol that means something to you and your family.

Boss Lady


This tattoo quote reminds every woman of the boss in her. Whether you be a boss in the corporate world or the mom-life world, you are a boss no matter what you decide to take on!

This tattoo would be perfect on your wrist with the boss being accentuated by making it italic so that it shows the lady in you and the boss.



Perfect for the strong independent woman who knows who she is and what she wants from life. This tattoo is for a woman who has a plan for her life and doesn’t need anybody’s help to make that plan happen.

This tattoo placement could be anywhere, but it seems like a tattoo that you would want people to see and take note of.



This tattoo is for any person who doesn’t feel like their house is a home. For some people, their home is another person; for some people, their home is a certain feeling, and for others, home is a series of moments that they visit when they feel alone.

You can place this tattoo somewhere you feel you can see when you need it most; maybe this tattoo could become a part of what you call home.



We all need reminding that life isn’t just about eating, sleeping, and working. Sometimes we have to get out and see the world through fresh eyes, explore our cities and see new things.

This tattoo is the perfect reminder of that. You could place this tattoo somewhere that you would see daily to remind you to escape the rat race once in a while.



We have all heard that happiness is not a destination. Instead, it is a journey. This tattoo is the perfect reminder of this. We should all enjoy the journey that we are on, no matter where it is taking us.

This tattoo should be placed anywhere on the body so long as you remember the wise words it depicts.