10 Quotes To Inspire You To Keep Going

We don’t all have Kelly Rowland waiting around to be our motivation, so we have to find it ourselves. Trying to give yourself a pep talk may be difficult because finding the right words isn’t easy. 

We all learn the art of motivating ourselves the moment our parents enrolled us in school. Waking up every day to learn something new was the beginning of a life full of commitments you have to show up for. 

By the time you reach adulthood, you may have run out of positive words to motivate yourself. Thankfully, we’ve found ten quotes that will inspire you to keep going no matter what you’re doing and where you are. 

Live And Learn

Live life to the fullest and explore as much as you can. 

Look At You

Start with yourself, and then you will see a change. 

New Chapter

Life is like a book; you can have as many new chapters as you want. 

Different Perspective

All that matters is what you can change. 

Be Prepared

Live life spontaneously, but don’t neglect your goals. 

Full Acceptance

Don’t concern yourself with people who don’t care about you. 


Like Destiny’s Child sang back in the day, “keep on surviving.” 

No Expectations

This is the way to find contentment. 

Don’t Look Back

Step into a new day without yesterday’s burdens. 

Happy Ending

You’re the only person who can write the ending to your story.

Written by:
Siba Mosana

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