10 Sings You’ve Met Your Twin Flame

The first time you meet your twin flame, there’s an instant attraction. It’s not necessarily romantic pull but, there’s usually something comfortable about how you connect. 

twin flame connection is often confused with a soul mate, but you typically only have one twin flame while you can have more than one soul mate in life. 

Not everyone will meet their’s, but if you’re in a relationship, platonic or otherwise, and you resonate with the following, you may have met your twin flame.

You Help Each Other Grow

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Knowing this person makes up feel like you’re expanding and profoundly learning. In part, the purpose of your meeting is to help each other to grow.

You’re Similar

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Whether it’s in past experiences, interests, or values, you may find that you and your twin flame have a lot in common. “Coincidences” aren’t uncommon in twin flame connections. You may have the feeling of knowing this person your whole life.

Deep Awareness of Flaws

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Because part of your twin flame’s purpose in your life is to bring you to the point of profound expansion, you might become increasingly aware of your flaws. This might come after the initial excitement over the newfound connection.

The Relationship Can Feel Rocky At Times

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Because the two of you are expanding and are sometimes in the place where your insecurities and fears are exposed to you, the relationship can be tumultuous. Twin flame connections aren’t always a forever thing, and you may or may not remain connected once the lessons have been learned.

The Relationship Can Feel Intense

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Because you feel so connected, you feel things deeply together, making the relationship feel intense. It can be vulnerable and sensitive. The relationship is a catalyst to help you heal and set your journey. 

You Keep Coming Back

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Somehow, even if the two of you are no longer in a relationship/friendship, you keep circling back to one another. You might fall into a pattern of wanting to rekindle things.

You Feel Divinely Connected

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You might feel like your relationship is “written in the stars” or “meant to be.” The magnetic bond between you and your twin flame can feel so strong that it feels predestined.

They’re Your Mirror 

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Because of the various similarities in your stories, you’re able to see the things in yourself that you may have tried to run away from.

You Feel Accepted

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Despite knowing each other so intimately, you understand these characteristics and allow each other the safe space to feel at home in each other’s presence.

Your Relationship Is Potentially Life-Changing

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Not everyone meets their twin flame in their lifetime. It’s a big love that has the potential to change you and your view on life.

Written By:
Tumisang Mosito

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