10 Stefani Chaglar Celeb Look Recreations That Are Super Adorable

Seven-year-old Stefani Chaglar has been recreating celebrity red carpet looks with her mom for years. The adorable, pint-sized star only needs a few craft items to create her impressive outfits. 

You may have seen images of the adorable Stefani Chagler alongside celebrity red carpet snaps a few times. The too cute to handle seven-year-old models her mother’s work and does a pretty good job at it. 

Alya Chagler is a talented artist from Turkey, and she makes all of Stefani’s creative red carpet ensembles. The mother-daughter duo sure knows how to work their stuff; just take a look for yourself:

Junior J.Lo

Look at her glow!

Kid-Friendly Cardi

Confidence is key to dress like Cardi B. 

Teeny Taylor 

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling super cute!

Young Fashionista 

Getting runway ready at a tender age.

Moschino Mariposa

This dress was made for flying high. 

My Style Will Go On 

Imagine doing the icon Celine Dion justice at such a young age?

Kiddie Kylie

Emerald green has never looked so good. 

Ready For The Red Carpet

Who wore it best?

Youthful Yellow

Yellow is our new favorite color!

Pretty As Priyanka

Two pieces of art wearing a beautiful piece of art. 

Written by:
Siba Mosana

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