10 Things To Avoid Doing When Training A Dog

If you want your four-legged friend to become obedient to you, there are some traps you should avoid so you don’t fall short of expectations. 

You may have the best intentions when training your pup, but this isn’t enough. You wish that Bob stops roaming in areas out of bounds from the bottom of your heart, but he still does it. And Spike keeps on barking at strangers non-stop. 

The time to wish your dog could read your mind and obey you are gone. We want to make training your dog an easy and fun process, so here are the ten don’ts when training your pup. 

Don’t Train Once in A While

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Training your dog is just like applying a new habit into your life or learning a new skill — it takes commitment. Dogs have a short attention span, just like a little kid. Training consistently is essential to see the results. Experts recommend from 5 to 10 minutes daily.

Don’t Repeat Yourself Over and Over

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Don’t keep on repeating the same command over and over again to your dog waiting for him to execute it. He should understand you right from the get-go and execute your order. If he doesn’t, be patient but don’t overuse the command.

Don’t Allow Others To Pamper Him More Than You

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Of course, there’s no harm in allowing others to pamper your pup, especially if he enjoys it. But this can send him mixed signs. He must understand and see you as his master, so don’t allow others to spoil him more than you do.

Don’t Let Him Confuse The Crate

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Just like our beds should be used only for nighttime and sleep, a dog’s crate should be the same. If you send your dog to his house or crate because he’s done something wrong, he might start associating his crate or house with punishment.

Don’t Be Negative Or Too Serious

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Your dog must associate training with fun time. If you show up with negative emotions and energy, become angry, or lose your patience with your pup during the training, you might be wasting your time. Enjoy yourself, and he will too.

Don’t Deceive Your Dog

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Never shower him with praise to bring him to you and then punish him because he’s been naughty. Be honest with him. If you aren’t, he might be suspicious next time you want to praise him truly.

Don’t Get Too Enthusiastic

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It’s pretty tempting to greet and hug your dog when you leave the house or when you come back, but don’t exaggerate.

Puppies can be triggered when the door is used, triggering him to bark. You can avoid this association but allowing him to calm down when you arrive home; then you shower him with affection.

Don’t Reward in Between

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Make sure to reward your pup when he fully understands you or when he has completed a task you gave him. So, try and always begin each task with the end in sight.

Don’t Postpone Training Until Later

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We know you probably got all excited with your new furry friend and might think you should allow things to set up before you start training him. Do it but don’t neglect training until later. The earlier, the better.

Don’t Do It All At Once

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Remember: the best results come with time. You can’t go to advanced training if your dog hasn’t nailed the foundation. So, patience is key here. Take one step at a time and see how his or her progression goes.

Written By:
Camila Santiago

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