10 Tips To Growing Strong Nails

Long and healthy nails are perfect for at-home manicures and avoiding damaging extensions. Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with strong and healthy nails that grow without breaking. 

We all have that one friend who can grow their nails long and always has the best manicures. It seems like a dream to live without getting acrylic extensions that end up damaging nails even further. 

Although there is no quick fix to growing nails super fast, there are ways to minimize breakage. Take a look at these ten tips to developing strong and healthy nails that make the perfect canvas for nail art. 

Hydrate With Oils

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According to manicurists like Ama Quashie, nails need hydration to be healthy. Use cuticle oil or an alternative such as jojoba oil daily to hydrate cuticles and the nail bed to make your nails look their best. 

Consider Taking Supplements 

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It has been proven that weak and brittle nails can be a sign of a biotin deficiency. Adding a daily biotin supplement to your regime to boost your nail strength may be a fantastic solution as a result. 

Switch Out Your Nail File

Most people prefer glass nail files because they are easier to clean, more durable, and look better. Unfortunately, these files can cause the nails to split, so it’s better to use a soft nail file. 

Increase Your Vitamin B9 Intake

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Vitamin B9, also known as folic acid, promotes cell growth in hair, skin tissue, and nails. You can find this vitamin in whole grains and beans, or you can opt for an over the counter supplement. 

Use A Different Nail Polish Remover

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Acetone can be extremely damaging for weak nails because of how harsh and drying it is. It would be best to switch to an acetone-free nail polish remover to avoid an intense formula’s adverse effects. 

Opt For ‘Free-From’ Nail Polish

Some nail polishes have a variety of toxic chemicals in them, exposing your nails to harmful ingredients. Brands such as Nailberry, Essie, and Kure Bazaar have nail varnishes that have less toxic formulas. 

Improve Your Diet

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Nail health is mostly impacted by your diet, making it essential to keep your nutrition balanced. A healthy diet that includes various fruits and vegetables and probiotics like kefir and live yogurt promote nail growth. 

Invest In A Keratin Treatment

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Keratin is already found in nails; therefore, it makes an excellent strengthening treatment. Using a keratin treatment will make your nails less likely to chip, but you still should be gentle with them at all times. 

Hydrate Your Body

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As mentioned before, nail growth happens from the inside out, and hydrating your body is one of the essentials. If you are not into drinking tons of water, try coconut water for something different. 

Avoid Biting 

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Find an alternative habit to release your stress instead of biting your nails. Use a bitter-tasting polish to force yourself to stop reaching for your fingers and buy a stress ball to help you release tension.

Written by:
Siba Mosana

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