10 Tips To Help Boost Your Creativity

As a creative, I know all too well the frustration and anger that comes with feeling like you have lost your creativity. It can feel as though you have lost all your talent and won’t create again. 

It is an awful feeling that can often last for days and even weeks on end, but there are ways that you can boost your creativity and get your groove back reasonably quickly. It might not help right away, but you will eventually get back your creative spark. 

Here are a few of the things you can do to boost your creativity and reignite your creative spirit. 

Take Notes 


It is a universally known fact that you never know when inspiration might strike. For this reason, you should always carry a notepad and pen with you so that you can write down any ideas you may have throughout the day. 

Some thoughts may feel irrelevant, but you can write them down anyway and come back to them at a later stage. You may be able to draw inspiration from the most random things that you have written down. 

Pick Up Patterns 


Throughout our lives, we go through patterns that could allow us to notice when and how things change. Try to notice the patterns in your daily life to notice when you start to feel the least creative. 

Doing this will ensure that you can avoid doing things that lead to you feeling least creative. You will also be able to do the things that make you feel the most creative more often and keep your creativity constant. 

Take Risks


Being creative means that we are constantly giving ourselves and expressing ourselves in a way that can bear our soul to the world. However, because of this, we can often feel like we are giving too much of ourselves. 

For this reason, you should take risks that you would never ordinarily take because they can boost your creativity and inspire new ways to be creative in your daily life. Ensure that you feel comfortable enough with every risk you take but not so comfortable that it is no longer a risk. 



While working alone is rewarding because seeing your hard work and dedication get noticed one of the best feelings in the world, sometimes it can stifle your creativity. If you’re the only person you consult, you will naturally begin to feel less creative. 

Collaborate with other creatives to boost your creativity as well as theirs. Doing this will allow you to get a different perspective and even some new ideas and inspiration. It is an excellent way to handle creativity blues. 



Now, you might not think that hopping on a treadmill is going to help you write the lyrics to a hit song or envision a painting that moves people to their very core. However, exercise is an excellent tool to boost creativity. 

Exercising releases your happiness hormones which might make you feel more naturally creative. Doing a couple of minutes of exercise a day can help you keep your creativity up and running. 

Stay Positive 


Feeling like your creativity is in a slump can lead to you feeling significant down in the dumps. Knowing that you are in a creative slump could make you feel upset and angry. However, you should try not to let it get to you. 

Staying positive and knowing that you have come out of creative slumps before will allow you to be more gentle with yourself to have the time and space that you need to get your creativity back. 

Challenge Yourself 


Challenging yourself is an excellent way to get your creativity back. We do not mean that you should be rock climbing on the side of a cliff if you don’t even usually jog. It simply means to challenge yourself creatively. 

If you are a piano player who has always wanted to play guitar, you can learn to play guitar. If you are a painter who has always wondered what it would be like to do a charcoal drawing, try it out! 



Being mindful and introspective is an excellent way to stay creative. Knowing how to tap into your mind and soul might be one of the best ways to tap into your creativity that you might not think is there. 

Start by meditating for a couple of minutes in the mornings and then meditating for half an hour at a time in the morning and the evening. Doing this will also allow you to be more mindful in your daily life and find more inspiration. 

Look For Alternatives


Challenging yourself is a great way to get creative again, but looking for alternative ways to be creative might be the best thing to do to inspire yourself. Find a creative outlet that you are already good at, but do not usually practice and try it out. 

If you are a painter that usually uses oil, try painting with silicone paint and see what it feels like to paint in that way. Something as simple as the textures might inspire you to try something new and find new ways to be creative. 

Do Nothing 


Often when we are feeling a creative slump, it is because we have been doing too much. We get mentally exhausted and feel like we lack in every area of our lives, which dulls our creativity. 

In this case, it is best to lay around and do nothing for a while. Give yourself a chance to rest mentally and ensure that you get enough sleep so that your brain is healthy and fresh when you are done resting.

Written By:
Daniella Segell

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