10 Tips To Help You Shave Your Bikini Line Perfectly

Mar 11, 2021
06:13 A.M.
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Let's face it, shaving your bikini line and achieving a smooth, ingrown, bump, irritation-free can feel like, well, a bumpy ride.


Firstly, shaving your hair down there is a personal choice, and going au naturale is a perfectly okay decision too. However, you do enjoy trimming the bushes and you've tried it yourself, you may have already been met with the utter disappointment of bumps and irritation that followed.

However, once you get the correct tools and products and nail the technique, you're well on your way to the smooth shave you want. Here are tips to help you get that smooth shave:

Choose Your Tool


You have some options in this department and you can even use ore than one. Ivest in a bikini trimmer, electric shaver or use a pair of scissor to trim the hair. Follow with a razor.

Get A Good Bikini Razor

Not all razors are created equally. Make sure that you're using the correct tools for the job. A razor with more blades will give you a closer shave with less pressure, which ultimately means less risk of irritation.

Sharp Blades


Make sure that the blades of your razor are sharp. This means and easier trim which can reduce the risk of itching post shave. Also, dispose of disposable razors.

Pre-Shave Preparations

It's ideal to shave hair pubic hair when your skin is soft and hydrated like during bath or shower time. Shaving on dry skin can cause razor burn (oh no!).


Photo by Supply on Unsplash

Photo by Supply on Unsplash


Once you've shaved your hairs clean, the next step is to exfoliate gently. Use a loofa wet washcloth or a soft scrub to remove dead skin and preemptively deal with the bumps that may have thought to plot against you living your best, and smoothest life. Avoid over exfoliating and keep it to once or twice a week.


Apply an unscented cleanser (like CeraVe hydrating cleanser) or a mild shaving crem/gel. This will help the razor glide much smoother which is alway the aim. Avoid products that are heavily scented that may cause irritation.




The way you shave your pubes matters. You want lightly and with steady strokes. That's why its paramount that you have a sharp razor. Minimize the number of strokes.

Take Note Of The Grain

It common to want to shave against the grain to try and get a closer shave, however, going against the grain can make irritation more likely. Follow with rinsing the area cleans of shaving cream.

Soothe The Area


This might feel especially nice on your skin. Apply a moisturizer or oil like tea tree oil which contain anti-inflamatory properties.

Clean You Razor

When you're done shaving, don't forget to sanitize you blades with rubbing alcohol and hot water. If your razor isn't feeling sharp anymore, that means it's time to toss it.