10 Vegan Bacon Recipes Worth Trying

Jun 09, 2021
07:00 A.M.
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Whether you’re a new vegan or have been in a while and miss bacon, these veganized recipes will blow your mind!


If you’re thinking, “but bacon?” well, that’s right. Yes, I know. Bacon is delicious. Most people don’t go vegan, including me, because they hate the taste or texture of meat.

There’s something about bacon, whether its smoky flavor, the tenderness yet crispy texture, or the subtle sweet note. For whatever reason, you can find a way around and try one or more of these alternatives to bacon. We know they will never taste exactly the same, but it’ll be mind-boggling how delicious they are.

Mushroom Bacon

This is one of my favorites. I’m a mushroom freak, and the crispy and smoky taste it’s the perfect alternative to so many meals. Besides the King Oyster mushroom (because of the shape), all you’ll need are four more ingredients.


Tempeh Bacon

The traditional Indonesian food made of fermented soybeans has taken over the world, and we couldn’t forget about this recipe. Once you get the hang of this recipe, you’ll prepare it in no time and probably get addicted to it as well!

Eggplant Bacon


The great thing about this recipe is that eggplant absorbs flavor well, so you don’t need too long for its marinating. It isn’t really a bacon substitute, but a fun way to eat eggplant. You can serve it as chips or add it to any meal you wish.

Carrot Bacon

After a carrot bacon recipe went viral on TikTok, carrot bacon is everywhere. Despite many negative comments from non-vegans, keep your mind open, and this recipe won’t disappoint you. Make vegan bacon in a matter of minutes and serve with breakfast, brunch, or even in a vegan BLT.

Coconut Bacon


If you haven’t tried coconut bacon yet, then where have you been? It’s crispy, smoky, juicy, and, well, pretty coconutty too. This recipe takes coconut bacon to the next level. All you need is green fresh Thai coconuts and a few more ingredients for the sauce.

Seitan Bacon


As Mark calls in this video, seitan bacon is the king of plant-based bacon. He’s taken a journey into trying different vegan bacon recipes, and this is one of his favorite. Adapting a recipe from The Seitan Appreciation Society Facebook Group, Mark is definitely the vegan bacon king!

Banana Bacon

Don’t discard your banana peels just yet! Instead, give this recipe a try. With only required ingredients — bananas and an oven or air fryer — allow your bananas to soak in a marinade for a few minutes, and they’re good to go to the oven.

Rice Paper Bacon


Transform an ordinary piece of rice paper into a delicious “bacon.” Candice set out to solve this problem as a bacon fan herself and create a proper bacon alternative using rice paper and a bacon marinade.

Zucchini Bacon


This vegan zucchini bacon is the perfect complement to a plate of delicious french toast or a vegan BLT. It’s recommended to marinate the zucchini overnight so that it can absorb well the sauce and flavor.

Tofu Bacon

Have fun making easy and crispy tofu bacon with this recipe. Jules is an English and funny vegan YouTuber, and he makes tasteless tofu into flavorful and delicious using a simple four-step process: slice, press, marinate and fry.