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10 Ways To Make Your Living Room Feel Cozier


April 22, 2021

We all take pride in having beautiful homes that are welcoming not only to us but to any guests that we may have. One of the first rooms that your guests will see when they enter your house is your living room

For this reason, your living room needs to appear cozy and comfortable so that your guests feel welcomed into your home. However, it can be daunting to create a cozy living room to make your guests feel at home. 

Here is a guide on creating the perfect living room that is a balance of comfort and class


Macrame is an excellent way to add some comfort to your living room. It’s a beautiful weave that could make any place feel warmer and more casual. When something feels more relaxed, people will naturally feel more comfortable. 

Adding macrame in the form of a swing is an excellent addition to any living room space because it adds a conversation piece to your living room and being somewhere cozy to lounge about. 

Luxe Fabrics 

Luxe fabrics like satin, faux fur, and velvet will add a sense of class to space while also making it incredibly comfortable and cozy. Your guests will be impressed, and your family will love the comfort these fabrics bring. 

You can incorporate these fabrics into your living room in the form of cushions, throw blankets, or sofas. While having these fabrics will be great, you should make sure that you do not overdo it; less is always more. 

Bold Colors

Bold colors are fantastic in any room in your house, but in your living room especially, they are lovely. If you want the color to make the living room feel cozier, you should use deeper colors. 

Navy blues mixed in with cream colors is a great color combination, but you could also use blacks and maroons if you feel that your living room has enough light to support such dark colors.  

Chunky Throw Blankets 

Chunky knitted throw blankets have been in fashion for quite some time now, but they are mostly being seen in bedrooms. While they are beautiful in bedrooms, they are even better in the living room where everyone can see them. 

Using chunky throw blankets in the colors of your living room will add so much comfort to your living room that your guests will never want to leave. They also tend to be very heavy, which makes them an excellent substitute for a weighted blanket. 


Instead of having a coffee table, which had a hard and sort of cold quality about it, you could use ottomans. Ottomans are much softer and warmer than a coffee table is, which will make your living room feel much cozier. 

If you would still like to use the ottomans for the same purpose that you use coffee tables, you could simply add a tray to your ottoman. This way, your guests can still place their coffee or other items in the tray. 

Knitted Baskets 

Let’s face it, we all need a little extra storage around our houses. The amount of junk we accumulate is ridiculous at times, but there are some ways that you can achieve this storage while still having your living room feel cozy and classy. 

Knitted baskets are the perfect way to store all of your junk so that it is out of view of your guests but still ensures that your living room looks great. The best part about this is that you can throw your chunky knitted blanket over it, and nobody would be the wiser. 

Conversation Circle 

While the feeling that your living room inspires is essential, something is far more important than the feel of the living room, which is its practicality. Your living room has to flow properly. 

Creating a conversation circle in your living room will make it easy to chat with guests and family while you are in the living room. It will also allow everybody to access the room’s central point, be that a coffee table or an ottoman. 

Natural Wood 

We tend to feel quite comfortable and cozy when we are out in nature. For this reason, it is a beautiful idea to bring nature into your home and living room to make it feel cozier. You can do this by getting a few flowers in, but larger pieces will be even better. 

Using natural wood as a side table or even a TV cabinet would be an excellent way to bring some natural wood into the living room and make it feel cozy and comfortable while remaining classy. 



If you do not want to commit to one wall color, you can add a pop of color with a feature wall, and the bonus is that it is cozy and a conversation starter. Feature walls are made easy with wallpaper. 

Adding wallpaper to a room is an excellent way to make a room cozier because the patterns and designs that wallpaper comes in are so vast that you can find many designs that feel cozy, cost-effective, and perfectly match the style of your house. 

Floor Lamps

Ceiling lighting is the most basic lighting type in every home, but you can add some extra style and comfort to your living room by adding another lighting. This can be done with side lamps or floor lamps. 

While side lamps are cute and can add ambiance to a room, floor lamps are incredibly fashionable at the moment and can be used in multiple spaces. The best part about a floor lamp is that you can turn off every other light and still have enough light.