10 Ways To Re-Use Teabags

Teabags are typically single-use items, but what if we told you there were ways to reuse them? There are plenty of repurposing hacks for many products and items, including a teabag. 

Everybody knows how to make a cup of tea by the time they reach adulthood. All you have to do is boil some water and submerge a bag of dried leaves, fruits, spices, and herbs to brew a perfect piping cup. 

After you are done brewing your cup of tea, it is only customary to throw the teabag out immediately. However, we have ten alternatives to this go-to move with our list of ten things to do with your used teabag. 

Make A Stronger Brew

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Twice-brewed teabags may not be as strong as the first time around, but they will make a difference as an addition. Add your used teabag in a second brew with another teabag to make an even more flavorful pot. 

Flavor Your Grains

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The best thing about teabags is that the flavor does not entirely disappear once used. You can drop a pre-used teabag in a pot of water as it boils to flavor it and cook your grains in that water to flavor the grains. 

Fertilize Your Plants

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There are three ways you can use pre-used teabags to feed your garden. You can either rebrew them to water your plants, sprinkle the damp leaves in your garden as a pest repellent, or add it to compost for fertilizer. 

Deodorize Carpets


Collect used teabags in a cup of water in the fridge until you have enough to cover your rug or carpet surface. Then, leave them out to dry until damp, sprinkle the leaves on your surface, and vacuum or sweep when dry. 

Neutralize Odors

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Teabags do not only make things smell better but can eliminate some smells as well. You can drop dry used teabags in your refrigerator, trash cans, or empty leaves in cash litter to keep them smelling fresh. 

Clean Your Windows

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Cleaning glass can be a mission, but using pre-used teabag water makes it surprisingly easier. Store your teabags until you need to clean your windows, rebrew them and use a lint-free cloth to get sparkling results. 

Deter Pests

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Household pests like mice, spiders, and ants do not like the smell of tea, mainly brews with peppermint. Put your pre-used teabags in closet corners and other spaces where pests gather to deter them from your home. 

Hand Scrub

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Chopping onions, preparing to cook fish, and mincing garlic can leave you with an unwanted scent on your hands. Fortunately, you can use the leaves of a pre-used teabag as a hand scrub to remove these smells. 

Refresh Your Shoes


Pre-used teabags can eliminate all sorts of smells from different spaces and work incredibly well with shoes. If you’re living with a teenage boy, you may want to throw some dry pre-used teabags in their sneakers. 

Eye Mask


If you have allergies or get too little sleep sometimes, you’ll love this eye mask hack. Soak your pre-used teabags in warm water, refrigerate until cool, then place a teabag on each eye for five minutes to reduce puffiness.

Written by:
Siba Mosana

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