10 Ways To Turn Your Backyard Into A Sanctuary

Congratulations! You have now upgraded from a flourishing plant parent to a full-blown plant hoarder, sorry, gardener. While your backyard may contain a collection of your favorite flora and fauna, something may be missing from the mix.

The backyards on Pinterest might leave you wanting, and it’s not difficult to see why. Think of blooms everywhere, fairy lights strung up gorgeous hammocks and pristine slabs, so on and so forth. It wouldn’t be a stretch to find that your backyard garden is less sanctuary and more of a mess.

Rather than storage for your plants and flowers, it’s time to transform your backyard garden into a sanctuary worth relaxing in. With just a few intentional choices on furniture and other decor tricks, here are ten ways you can turn your backyard into a haven.

Spring Cleaning

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Everything looks better when orderly. Therefore, there is no point in creating a sanctuary when your base is a mess. So have a look around your garden. What needs weeding, cleaning, or watering?

Once you have identified the problem areas, take some time to clean up. Make sure you throw away all the trash (we see you dead leaves), take some soap and water in the slabs, if any, and trim the lawn. 

Add Colorful Plant Pots

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While your thriving plants provide natural depth, texture, and color to your backyard garden, it’s time to bring out decor to enhance it. Plant some summery blooms in your colored pots and space them out in your garden.

Alternatively, you could buy some pre-planted blooms and do as above. However, this tip is not just for flora. Greenery also looks exceptional in colored pots. Make sure you opt for colors that are bright for a color explosion.

Grow A Wildflower Garden

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Who says wildflowers are not garden proof? These wild growers are perfect for those of us who cannot keep a flower alive. They require very little to ensure that that bloom. However, as they are wildflowers, make sure you mow them once in a while.

A pro tip is to scatter packets of wildflower seed. Keep them under control by placing them by stones or sleepers. Next, make sure you mow them after the first year of sowing and every two months after that in the summer.

Grow From The Seed

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

If you are more of a down and dirty person, you might find this next tip fulfilling. Instead of buying pre-planted flowers and plants, how about you do a project out of doing it yourself? 

First, buy some seeds from a local seller. Make sure you note the number of seeds inside the packet, as some packs may contain more seeds that can fit the average garden. Next, plant and wait for them to bloom. A bonus: this is a super affordable way to grow a garden. 

Welcome Birds

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Play at being the main character in a classic Disney animated film with the inclusion of birds in your garden. Frankly, there is no better way to spell sanctuary than with the sound of chirping birds. Besides, studies show that listening to birds helps reduce stress, fatigue and helps combat anxiety.

There are two ways to go about this. First, you can purchase a bird feeder, bath, or house from a local seller. Second, upcycle your old tins by washing them, painting them with your favorite color, and hang them up in the corner of your garden. Ensure you fill it with bird feed every so often.


Photo by Mitchell Luo on Unsplash

A good paint job can make a world of difference in your garden. Mainly, a fresh coat of paint will go towards creating an excellent background for your flora and fauna to shine. A pro tip is to go black.

Before you squint your eyes, black makes an immediate statement. Painting black over a fence will make it disappear, and your garden will seem endless. If it’s a barn that you might not like, it will transform into less of an eyesore. If you have none of this but some garden furniture, a fresh coat of black paint will make it instantly chic.


Photo by Klara Kulikova on Unsplash

The keyword is sanctuary, so what good is a sanctuary if you cannot revel in it? Thus, consider adding a hammock to your backyard. You’ve taken the time to pluck, pick, trim and paint; it’s a tragic waste to stare into your garden from inside your house.

Choose a Hammock in a design that you like and hang it up in your garden. With summer hot on our heels, it’s best to get started now. Once it’s up, relax in your hammock with a good book or have a siesta among your creations.

Globe String Lights

Photo by Shayla Kirby on Unsplash

If you feel like fairy lights are very, been-there, done-that, how about you consider globe string lights? Make sure that you purchase them according to the distance you want to cover.

These string lights are a gorgeous addition to any outdoor gathering you choose to have. More so, they will create an intimate and otherworldly aesthetic when placed under pergolas or on fences.

Vibrant Chairs

Photo by Lionel Gustave on Unsplash

Like the painting tip listed above, you can also elevate your backyard into a sanctuary by adding vibrant colored chairs. There is no space for drab furniture in your garden. Do yourself a solid and spread out some colorful chairs around for a striking finish.

Overgrow on Purpose

Photo by Timothy L Brock on Unsplash

Listen, we know we said that you should trim up and clean up, but overgrowing your gardens can create a very lived-in look. Therefore, do not take this as an opportunity to let everything run free but as a clever design tip. If you prune daily, stop.

However, overgrowing on purpose is an informed decision. Leave your herbs to grow out of their pots or let your heathers grow untamed. Remember to keep your garden healthy and well-fed (no dead plants here, please). This tip is handy for those of you who have killed entire gardens before. Although, make sure to plant plants of flowers that are low maintenance.

Written By:
Annette Shadeya

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