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15 Tips For Women Traveling Alone


April 20, 2021

Living in today’s world is scary for women. It seems like there is a threat around every corner and that even when we are in the comfort of our own homes, we are not entirely safe. This is an extremely difficult way to live. 

Women feel more unsafe when they are traveling in a place with which they are not familiar. Not knowing your surroundings can make you feel like you’re more susceptible to danger. For this reason, it is difficult to travel alone. 

However, if you’re a woman who is scared to travel by herself, we have some safety tips for you to book that trip that you have been putting off. 

Go On Group Tours 

Going on group tours when you are traveling alone will ensure that you are never entirely on your own. In this way, you are less vulnerable, and the chances are that somebody would notice if you went missing. 

Know When To Ask For Professional Help 

Planning a solo vacation can seem glamorous, and you might even feel like Miss Independent herself, but some things are better left up to professionals. You should always seek the advice of travel agents if you are unsure about something. 

Learn Self Defense 

Learning self-defense is something that you should do even if you’re not going to be traveling alone as it is a valuable life skill to possess. However, when you’re traveling alone, it becomes even more important to learn self-defense so that you will be able to protect yourself should something happen. 

Read The Reviews 

You must know what you are getting into before you commit to something, and that is no different in terms of accommodation and excursions. Only stay at places and experience things that have many good reviews because you will know that it is safe and have a good experience. 

Tell Mom 

When traveling alone, you should always let somebody know your itinerary and have scheduled times to speak to loved ones. This way, if something happens to you, someone knows where you were and where to begin looking. 

Be MoneyWise

Traveling alone is exciting in that you have more time to browse around stores and markets that you might otherwise be rushed away from. However, you should never carry all of your money on you. You should keep some cash on your person and some at your accommodation.

Trust Your Intuition 

Your gut is your best friend, especially for women, and trusting it is always a good idea. When something feels off, it usually is, and a woman’s intuition will tell her immediately when something feels off. 

Blend In 

This might be a little more difficult to achieve, but try to blend in with the locals. If it seems like you are from the place where you are visiting, you will be less vulnerable. Dress the way that the locals do or participate in their usual activities from time to time. 

Portable Chargers

While you’re traveling, you’ll undoubtedly want to take a million photos, but this will run your cell phone battery flat. You should carry a portable charger for your cell phone at all times so that even when you’re out and about, you’re still reachable. 

Alarm Systems

You can never be too safe when traveling alone, and this trick will help you feel as secure as you possibly can. Carry a portable alarm system or a doorbell with you and attach it to your hotel door or window so that if anybody tries to get in, you will be alerted immediately.

Room Service Tricks 

If you are traveling alone and decide to order room service, never reveal to the person bringing you your order that you are alone. Always speak to an imaginary person in your room to seem like you are there with somebody. 

Befriend Female Hotel Employees 

Usually, you can count on other women to stick by your side in a sticky situation, so try and befriend some female hotel staff. Doing this will mean that you can ask them for help or advice without feeling threatened or intimidated. 



It’s a vibe to walk around in a foreign city listening to music and taking in the sights, but remember to never have both of your earphones in at the same time. You must be able to hear what is going on around you as well. 


Always carry your bags with you when you go to the bathroom or back to the counter to get another coffee or something of that sort. Your bags can be easily stolen in foreign countries, so it is always a good idea to keep them close by. 

Team No Sleep

If you are traveling by train at any point in your travels, never fall asleep. Staying awake on a train will ensure that you get to the correct destination and that when you get there, you have all of your belongings.