15 Ways To Get Over A Breakup

Whether you broke up with someone because the relationship was getting toxic for you or you were broken up with unexpectedly, you have undoubtedly spent some time crying over someone you never thought you would get over. 

Maybe you still aren’t over that person because you simply can’t imagine what your life will be like without them. There is always light at the end of the tunnel, though and we, ’re here to show it to you. 

Here’s how to move on with your life after you have gone through a terrible breakup. 



If you’ve just gone through a breakup, you need to allow yourself time to grieve. You don’t have to get over it immediately, but you also can’t spend too much time grieving. You should always make sure that you grieve and get it over with. 



It might feel difficult, but get up and have a shower. Doing this will make you feel good about yourself and your body, which will make you feel better in general. You will then start to get over the breakup more easily. 



If it was a particularly significant or difficult breakup, you might want to consider going to therapy. Going to therapy will give you healthy coping mechanisms that will allow you to get over the breakup properly. 



Social media can be a very dark place post-breakup. Whether you keep seeing posts about a happy couple or you’re tempted to lurk on your ex’s page, social media is toxic after a breakup. Try deleting your social media apps for a week or two. 



You are allowed to be angry and feel hurt and it is healthy to rage. You can do this by screaming into pillows or setting your ex’s belongings alight, but a much healthier (and more fun) way to rage is to go to a rage room to get rid of your frustrations. 



Schedule your days so that you do not have a moment that is unaccounted for. Doing this will ensure that you are always busy and distracted enough not to think about your ex. Planning to see your friends and family is an excellent way to waste time in a day. 



Writing is not something that everybody can do or even enjoys doing, but for a lot of people, it has helped. You can journal your feelings or write letters to your ex that you later burn or tear apart. 



Music is something that is so versatile in that it can carry you through happy times and sad times. Listening to happy, upbeat music might lift your mood and help you feel better. Just remember not to play any songs that remind you of your ex. 



You’ve heard of “Say ‘yes’ Days” and they are great for someone going through a breakup. Saying “yes” to everything will lead you to have adventures that you never thought possible and will definitely distract you from thinking about your breakup. 



For some people, being in a relationship leads to them losing a sense of themselves. For this reason, it is important to explore everything that you loved doing before the relationship and breakup so that you can return to yourself. 



An excellent way to vent your frustration is to sign up for some kind of fighting class. Most gyms have boxing classes that you can sign up for and you could also participate in self-defense classes that will help you to fight your frustrations out. 



Reading is an excellent way to distract yourself from thinking about your ex and it will help you to better yourself by expanding your vocabulary and exploring other cultures and ideas through words. 



Too often as adults, we forget the therapeutic nature of playing. For this reason, it is healthy and encouraged that you should get playful again after a breakup in order to purge negative feelings and come back to yourself. 



There is so much in your own city that you probably have never seen. You should go and explore after a breakup so that you can find new places to go and meet new people who will not remind you of your ex. 



Building a routine that works for you is possibly one of the best ways to get over a breakup. You will build a life that is different from the one you had when you were in a relationship and it will feel much better because it is consistent.

Written By:
Daniella Segell

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