20 Mental Health Quotes To Help You Get Through Tough Days

Apr 02, 2021
04:00 A.M.
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We all have days when all we feel like we have the energy for is reaching our hand out from under the covers to press snooze. Sometimes all we can do is simply survive the day and hope it gets better tomorrow.


On those days, we need a helping hand or a few kind words, but very few of us can ask for help even when we need it the most. We are here to help by providing some encouraging words that you can keep around you at all times.

These are our favorite mental health quotes that will help you through the toughest of days.

Unclimbed Mountains


This quote reminds us that as far as we’ve come rather than how far we have still to go. It’s a great quote to remind us that we have to focus on what we have already accomplished to get to where we need to be.

In The Moment


We are constantly reminded of how we need to live in the moment, but it is so easy to get caught up in other things that we can forget to do that. We can be reminded to live in the moment by reading this quote.

The Attitude of Gratitude


Practicing gratitude for what you already have will ensure that you never feel like you need something else. Doing this will allow you to truly feel like you are where you need to be in your life.

Flowers Need Rain


Flowers needing rain seem like a simple enough concept, but we tend to forget that we are much like flowers. Without bad days we wouldn’t know how to appreciate the good ones, and that’s why we need to think of ourselves as flowers.

Pretty Garden


Your mind being a garden is a beautiful concept. You can think beautiful thoughts and create a lovely garden, or you can believe terrible thoughts and have an overgrown mess of a garden. However, this quote will remind us to create a beautiful garden filled with lovely flowers.

Love You


We often treat the ones we love with respect and compassion, but we forget to do the same with ourselves. It has been said that the person we speak to the most is ourselves, so we should make sure that we communicate well.

You Have What You Need


This quote is similar to the attitude of gratitude quotes. It reminds us of all the beautiful things that we already have in life rather than focusing on everything we lack.

Mental Health Importance


Recently, mental health care has become more mainstream, but a lot of the time, the stigma around taking care of your mental health still prevails. This quote reminds us to put our mental health first.

Take Your Time


It’s always important to note that your journey will take a fair amount of time before you get to where you want to be. You should give yourself time to journey through what you need to to get to where you need to be.

Feeling Blue


Nature is an incredible reminder of how small we are in the grand scheme of things, but it is also a reminder that everything we go through in our mental health journey is natural and acceptable. Having a bad day is normal, just don’t allow yourself to stay there.

Breathe Deep


Breathing techniques have been taught for generations to cope with various issues, but they can be efficiently and effectively applied to bad mental health days. Breathing through your issues can help you to gain a different perspective on the issue.

Enjoy the Journey


This is a different take on the “happiness is a journey” quote. Enjoying the journey is essential to remember as most of the result lies in the journey. If you don’t focus on the journey, you will never enjoy the product as much.

Change The Plan


Nothing will ever go entirely according to the plan that you have created in your head. You should be open and adaptable to the plan changing. Allowing for changes in the plan will make the journey much easier.



Every masterpiece must have had many challenging moments behind it. No masterpiece ever came about smoothly and easily. Masterpieces need some type of chaos to come together, including you.

Credit Where It’s Due


We should always give credit where credit is due, especially to ourselves. We often forget to allow ourselves some time and space to enjoy what we have accomplished and pat ourselves on the back for it.



Knowing that others are worthy of love and reminding others that they are worthy of love comes second nature to both of us. However, we often need a reminder that this sentiment extends to ourselves, too.

Changing The Game


Knowing and being confident in who you are is extremely important to becoming who you want to be. You should not allow anybody to bring you down by telling you what they think of you and this quote is the perfect reminder of that.



Often, we can forget that we each have a unique place in this world and that nobody’s lives would be the same without us in them. Reading this quote allows us to remember that we are unique and special and needed in this world.

Building Blocks


Routines are an excellent way to make sure that you look and feel good every day. This quote reminds us that having a routine and a plan for each day can help us feel good and have good mental health.

Breaking Down

Breakdowns happen, and they happen often, but it is essential to remember that you can breakdown as many times as you need to get to where you need to be. Breakdowns bring you closer to breakthroughs.

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