5 Affirmations Worth Remembering

Feb 11, 2021
03:19 P.M.
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It’s so easy to speak down on ourselves even though we would never speak that way to anyone else. We need to be kinder and more affirming to ourselves to live happy and full lives.


Everyone needs a little bit of motivation to keep us going when we’re down now and then. We often disregard how we can contribute to saying, thinking, and believing positive things about ourselves.

Getting affirmations from others is great, but we are our most prominent critics and need to shift that mentality. As a result, we’ve collected five affirmations that are worth remembering for everybody.

Take Care


Whether you’re referring to the 2011 Drake album or this affirmation, it’s always good to take care.

In Due Time


There’s something to learn from TikTok’s don’t rush challenge.

No Winners Or Losers


Creativity is free, expressive, and personal and definitely not a competition.

Man In The Mirror


Michael Jackson made a significant point with the lyrics for man in the mirror

Endless Potential

It’s infinite, like the universe so stop acting so small.

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