5 Basic Makeup Brushes Beauty Minimalists Actually Need

Feb 07, 2021
03:07 P.M.
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There are three types of people when it comes to makeup: The ones who own an all-around beauty blender and those with a gazillion makeup brushes.


While neither is wrong, the key to professional-like and flawless makeup application lies in having quality makeup brushes. Luckily, this roundup will take the guesswork out of your makeup routine.

Eyeshadow Shader Brush

Having an eyeshadow brush guarantees you a solid and evened out layer of color on your eyelids. These brushes usually come in flat rounded tips that are dense enough to pick a good amount of cream or powder.


For the best results, pat the eyeshadow onto your eyelids while swirling the brush to get the powder to the edges. Similarly, misting the brush will increase the degree of opaqueness of your powder eyeshadow.

Blending Brush


With a tapered shape and fairly fluffy bristles, the blending brush will help you blend your powder eyeshadows for a more sheer finished look. For a diffused look, swipe the soft bristles into the eyelid crease in a back and forth motion.

Like with the eyeshadow brush, a gentle swirl around the edges will give you a sleek transition between colors. Or when layering multiple colors on top of one another.


Foundation Brush

While you can apply your liquid makeup with a blending sponge or clean fingers, it doesn't hurt to have a specialized brush for your powder or mineral foundation.

Most of these are either flat and pinched or full dome-shaped and come with the option of natural or synthetic bristles. The type of foundation you use will dictate the best bristles to go for.

For an evenly blended look, start with your T-zone and cheeks moving outwards to avoid the odd-looking makeup lines around your jaw and hairlines. Remember to buff the bristles when using power foundation to work the product into your skin.

Concealer Brush


Whether you want to conceal an acne blemish or eye-bags, these downsized foundation brushes are design to target the smallest and most specific details. Even with the option of using a doe-foot applicator, a concealer brush is more hygienic.

A small amount on the tip of the brush will conceal any blemish with the most gentle tap. Once perfectly concealed, blend out the edges carefully without wiping off the rest of the it. You can also use it to achieve feathered lipstick edge.

Powder Brush

Do you have creased under-eyes or a shiny T-zone? Its time to enlist the help of setting powders and with them, powder brushes.

You can choose the size you want depending on the the areas you want to cover or you can go for a one size fits all type of brush. With long and dense bristles, the brush will set your liquid foundation or blend out powdered ones.