5 Brain Exercises To Keep Your Mind Sharp

Just like your body your brain needs some exercise too so it can stay sharp! Unlike your body, your brain can’t exactly lift some weights to get some exercise, so what can you do?

As we get older, we can feel the brain fog starting to set in our mind is a bit slower at recalling things, and you might feel like you’re not as sharp as you used to be! Exercising your brain is supposed to help keep your brain in shape to avoid these issues.

Stress also affects your brain; living in a state of anxiety or fear can take a toll on you mentally, so a brain workout is good for everyone! Here are some exercises to train that brain and get your mind sharper than ever!

1. Switch hands


You should try doing tasks like brushing your teeth or even writing with your non-dominant hand. You’ll likely need to be more focused using your non-dominant hand, and that’s the whole point!

Focusing on an activity is an excellent workout for your brain! It might take a little longer than usual as you’re training your brain, but it’s worth the sweat!

2. Do a puzzle


Putting together a jigsaw puzzle stimulates your brain as you try to figure out how the pieces fit together. It’s also an activity you can incorporate into family time or something you can do when you’re bored, say if we end up in another lockdown!

3. Learn new words


Whether it’s learning a new word every day from your calendar or picking it up reading, expanding your vocabulary is a fun way to train your brain. A simple game of writing down a word you don’t know, defining it, and using it at least five times is a fun brain activity!

4. Learn something new


It’s sometimes difficult to commit to something you’re not good at, but taking the time and putting in the effort to master it is a form of exercise. Learning a new skill like playing an instrument or even crocheting can be a challenge for your brain.

These don’t have to strictly be activities you take time out of your day to work at either, they can be a fun hobby you’ve always wanted to learn. You don’t have to be a master at it immediately because the fun is in the journey!

5. Switch up your routine


Sticking to a routine might help you get ish done, but switching up your routine can help you pick up on things you might miss on your daily routine. It can be as simple as changing the time you stop for coffee or even when you go out for your daily run.

Something as simple as switching up your seat at the dinner table can help change your perspective and help your brain create different paths and memories. So try something different to get those neurons firing to keep your mind sharper than ever!

Written By:
Dr Saadiqah Hajat

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