5 Chocalate Desserts Made For Chocaholics

You think you have a sweet tooth but can your handle these seriously decadent desserts made especially for the fully committed chocaholics?

Chocolate desserts are no doubt a classic. The occasional chocolate brownie in this cold weather especially, a hot chocolate bomb, can be a welcomed treat.

These chocolate desserts are for the individuals who’d get kicked out by Willy Wonka himself. Check out these super chocolatey treats for chocaholics.

A Layered Chocolatey Treat

Chocolate, chocolate and a whole lot more chocolote. To satisy the extra decadent sweet tooth is this layered chocolate drink.

London’s Thickest Hot Chocolate 

@saiddal1923 is an Italian cafe in London that offers a super thick, Instagram-worthy hot chocolate drink. Even the cup is decorated in chocolate.

Chocolate Dessert Ball

From the “master swiss chocolatier,” Lindt is this chocolate dessert ball topped with pretty gold leaves and filled with brownies.

Chocolate Cone

Ah, we sure do love a chocolatey spectacle and here we have one. Filled with even more ooey gooey goodness on the inside.

 Brownie In A Mug

It must be chocolate heaven. This a chocolate brownie in a cup, dripping in chocolate sauce and topped with chocolate sprinkles.

Written By:
Tumisang Mosito

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