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5 Common Hair Myths Busted


June 11, 2021

While you were growing up, you probably heard your mother and grandmother tell you a million beauty tips and tricks. They taught you everything you know about beauty and how to take care of yourself. 

A lot of the things that our moms and grandmothers learned about beauty are a myth, though. There are so many myths in the beauty world that have been passed down for generations that simply make no sense in today’s world. 

We’re here to bust some of the most common hair myths that we have believed for way too long. 

Color Is Damaging 

You have probably been told a million times that coloring your hair will only damage it. Your mother might have told you this when you were younger simply because she didn’t want you to die your hair, but it is a fairly common myth. 

This can be true. Coloring your hair requires you to apply harsh chemicals to your hair and scalp, resulting in your scalp becoming irritated and your hair not growing as healthily as it did before. However, the color might not damage your hair if you have the right hair type and your scalp does not become irritated. 

Switching It Up

I don’t know about you, but my grandmother always told me when I was younger that your body gets used to your beauty products, and you need to switch them up from time to time to ensure that they still work. 

This is completely false. If you are noticing that the products you were using before are not working the same way, consider environmental factors such as humidity or check the ingredients to ensure that the manufacturers have not changed the formula. 

Split End Treatment 

This is one of my favorite hair care myths because of how badly we all want to believe it; split ends can be repaired using certain treatments. I would love to have my split ends disappear because of a hair mask. 

However, this myth is simply not true. Once you have split ends, they will be there until they are trimmed off. There is no way to repair split ends. You can avoid them by not applying heat to your hair and conditioning regularly, though. 

Plucking Greys 

When I was younger, I used to pluck grey hairs from my grandmother’s head just to watch her freak out about the fact that two more were going to grow in its place. Now that I’m older, I realize that I was playing with my life insurance there. 

The good news is, the myth simply isn’t true. You will only grow one hair per hair follicle, and plucking one out will not result in two more growing in that place. However, you will be able to notice grey hair more because it sticks up instead of lying flat on your head. 


No Conditioner 

People with fine hair are often told that they do not need to use any conditioner when they are washing their hair. The myth is that having this hair type exempts you from needing to condition your hair at all. 

This is not true. Every hair type needs to be shampooed and conditioned regularly to keep the scalp and hair healthy and shiny. If you haven’t been conditioning your fine hair, now is the time to start.