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5 Conspiracy Theories That Were Eventually Proven True


April 14, 2021

We have all heard of a few conspiracy theories in our lifetimes, and most of them are pretty wild. It’s easy to understand why many are quick to discredit a conspiracy theory, but some may be true. 

Many say that truth is stranger than fiction and some conspiracy theories are proof of this testament. Conspiracy theories are usually viewed with disapproval, which is fair regarding how outrageous some can be. 

Strangely enough, there are plenty of too crazy to be true conspiracy theories that have been proven as legit. Read more to discover five wildly unbelievable conspiracy theories that turned out to be true. 

The FBI Was Spying On John Lennon

Conspiracy theories regarding celebrities always seem like the most made-up stories you’ve ever heard. Many wouldn’t believe it if they heard that John Lennon was considered a threat by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. 

In 2010, NPR confirmed that the former Beatles member was under FBI surveillance in 1971. They also reported that the Immigration and Naturalization Service attempted to deport him the following year. 

Tobacco Companies Knew About Cigarette Health Concerns

We all know that smoking can cause cancer, but many smokers didn’t know until the late 1990s. Unfortunately, there was already known evidence showing that smoking causes cancer in the 1950s. 

UFOs Have Been Under Investigation For Years

That’s right, UFOs have been under investigation for decades before the viral Area 21 tweets from 2019. In 2017, the Pentagon admitted that a $22million Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program existed.

Officials told the New York Times that the program existed for years before being shut down in 2012. Rumors suggest that some officials continued to investigate the ‘anomalous aerospace threats’ afterward. 

Atari Buried Aliens In New Mexico

It may not be actual aliens, but unsold cartridges of the game ‘E.T, the Extra-Terrestrial’ are buried in New Mexico. Atari buried all their unsold stock in a desert landfill after a terrible performance on the market. 


Metal Detectors Can Determine How Much Money You’re Carrying

This mystery is one of the most incredible things about science. Famous conspiracy theorists, The Lone Gunmen from ‘The X Files’, revealed the magnetic strip in U.S currency that a metal detector can pick up. 

While the Lone Gunmen concluded that the strip tracked U.S citizen’s every move, Snopes debunked it. He revealed that although metal detectors reveal how much you’re carrying, officials only use them to foil counterfeiters.