5 Creative Ways To Ask A Woman Out

Apr 02, 2021
02:00 A.M.
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It can be so challenging trying to ask a woman out. It is intimidating and can seem impossible from time to time. It may even seem like anything you try will be too lame to work.


There are many fun and creative ways to ask women out that will be endearing and sweet. You’re sure to get the woman of your dreams if you use these unique ways to ask a woman out.

Here is a list of five of the best ways to ask a woman out that will work.



You could ask her where she lives, not her exact address, just the area so that you don’t seem like a total creep. When she tells you, you mention the area code for phone numbers there, and when she agrees you ask her what the rest of the numbers are.

This is a unique way to get her number without her feeling like you’re desperate. The area code method has a jokey feel to it and can be used with any person as long as you know the area code of the place they’re from.



There is no doubt that women love to feel heard. We hate it when we’re talking to somebody and feel like they have zoned out and are not interested in what we’re saying. All you need to do is show you’re listening.

Send her an article that has something to do with something she told you, or write her a letter that speaks to something that she has confided in you. Not only will you show that you heard her, but that you cared about what she said, this way, when you ask her out, she’s sure to say yes.

Open Up


Many people find this difficult to do, but opening up can open some serious doors for you. Showing someone that you feel comfortable being vulnerable with them will ensure that they feel closer to you.

Opening up about how you feel about someone is also an excellent way to make sure that they know your intentions are pure. Many people fear that they will get into dead-end relationships with people who don’t have good intentions.

Be Confident


You have probably heard this many times, but confidence truly is critical. If you seem confident when you ask a girl out she is more likely to want to go out with you. If you’re more timid, she may not be as keen.

A fun way to show that you’re confident is to do something playful. You could say, “Could you hold this?” and when she reaches out you hold her hand. This is a fun way to show that you are confident without seeming cocky.

Pet Them


Whoa, weird title. No, it’s not what you think. If the woman that you want to ask out loves animals and has a pet of her own, slip a note onto the pet’s collar asking her out and then tell her that her pet has something for her.

This is an adorable way to ask a woman out that also incorporates one of the most important beings in her life. There is no doubt that she will say yes after you ask her out like this.