5 Cute Family Traditions To Start

May 06, 2021
10:00 P.M.
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We all grew up with some kind of tradition in our lives, whether the traditions surrounded family holidays or simply how your family acted on a weeknight at the dinner table. You may not even have known that your traditions were traditions.


Most families have traditions that stem from generations of people doing the same thing repeatedly because it evokes some kind of happiness and comfort in them. We also mainly carry our family’s traditions down, but sometimes it is refreshing to start your own traditions.

We decided that we would compile a list of all traditions that you can start with your family to start handing down through generations.

Happiness Jar




Knowing what you have and being grateful for it is the first step to attracting more positivity into your life. This is why starting the tradition of keeping a happiness jar for your family is an excellent idea.

You can keep individual happiness jars in each person’s bedroom or keep a family happiness jar somewhere central like the kitchen. Each family member can write down things that make them happy or things that they are grateful for. Once a month, the entire family can sit down and read these things out.

Weekly Walk




Getting out into nature is essential for every family member, from the youngest to the oldest, so going for walks is an excellent way for the family to bond and stay healthy. You can make it a weekly tradition.

As your family grows more excited about the weekly walks, you can increase the distance and maybe even the speed. You can also change up the location so that there is always something new for you all to see. Allow each family member a week to pick their favorite spot and rotate walking locations.

Christmas Camp




While we’re sure that you already have many unique holiday traditions surrounding Christmas, consider adding this one to the list. On Christmas Eve, everybody heads off to their bedrooms at bedtime, but what if you spent the whole time together?

Setting up sleeping bags and pillows in front of your Christmas tree is an excellent way to make sure that the whole family wakes up together on Christmas morning to get some quality time in before there’s wrapping paper flying around the room.

Ditch Day




School and work are extremely important. There is no doubt about that, and everybody should take it seriously, but ditching every once in a while isn’t the end of the world and might just end up being the best day ever.

Plan a ditch day once or twice a year where the whole family ditches school or work and does something fun together. Doing this will allow your family to bond and create memories that never would have happened if you hadn’t have ditched.

Family Handshake




Secret handshakes are one of the best ways to build a rapport with somebody, so why not have one for the family? Having a secret family handshake that only your family is involved in would be so fun, and you could involve as many members of the family as you want.

You could then use your family handshake as a greeting, a way of agreeing to something, or at family reunions as a way to express your happiness at seeing your family again. You could even turn it into a game of seeing how many family members can remember the handshake.

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