5 Exercises To Help You Side Plank

May 21, 2021
05:00 P.M.
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Holding the form of the standard plank is difficult enough, but side planks are something else! Side planks engage your core differently, especially because you’re balancing just on your side!


Side planks engage your core and lower back muscles to help target lower back pain and slim down your waist! It is also quite a challenge perfecting the side plank.

Holding the form and maintaining your balance while trying to do the side plank seems difficult. To get you there, here are some modifications you can make to get you there.

1. BOSU Ball

Use a BOSU ball to help keep you propped up. This especially helps if your arm or your wrist is tired, it’s a modification on the side plank to help strengthen your core until you’re ready to try it out.


2. Spidermans

It’s almost like a mountain climber and doing crunches only on one side! Bring your knee up to your elbow, hold for a few seconds and then bring your leg back down and strengthen those obliques to help you into a side plank!

3. Chop some wood


You’ll need to use a weight for this one, so pick one that you’re comfortable with. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, extend your arms over your head, and twist as you bring the weight down to your knee.

4. Dumbbell side bends

Side bends help strengthen that core muscles, and adding weight with a dumbbell can help strengthen them further. Just stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart and bend down towards the floor. When you bring yourself up, remember to keep yourself centered!

5. Standing side crunches

If you don’t want to do a spiderman, you can always do a standing side crunch. Put your hands behind your head and raise your knee to your elbow. Bend at the waist to make sure your elbow meets your knee.

Repeat all the exercises on both sides, and you’ll be on your way to strengthening your core and the oblique muscles that help you get balanced in a side plank! You might still need to start in a modified side plank, but in no time will you be ready to do a real one!