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5 Fragrance Notes That Boost Your Mood


May 15, 2021

Sometimes, no matter what you do to make the start of your day better, you still get stuck in a miserable mood. You could do with a pick-me-up, and a cup of coffee usually helps, but what about something to invoke your senses?

Smelling is probably one of the more acute senses, so why shouldn’t aromatherapy be an option to help boost your mood? Essential oils, when used safely, can be beneficial in many ways and can even help fix your stuffy nose!

When you need to add a bit of pep in your step, you put on your favorite perfume and go! Here are some fragrance notes to add to your mood-boosting routine,

1. Citrus

Citrus scents from oranges and lemon have a beautiful sense of freshness, and they have uplifting properties. Orange scents are more calming, which is helpful when tackling stress in times of focus!

On the other hand, Lemon is energizing and helps with mental fatigue and exhaustion while also calming you. If you want to stay focused and alert, it’s probably the most suitable fragrance!

2. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is popular as a koala’s favorite snack, but the oil of a eucalyptus plant is quite energizing, which is perfect if you’re looking for something to wake you up! So maybe instead of a cup of coffee in the evening, you just take a whiff of eucalyptus oil.

3. Jasmine

Jasmine has been used to calm your nerves and uplift you and boost your confidence! A spritz of jasmine-scented perfume is rumored to make you optimistic, so it might be good for you if you’ve been stuck in a negative cycle!

4. Coconut

If you’re ever in need of a rest but don’t have an opportunity to jet off to the tropics, then a whiff of coconut is all you need to take you there! You’ll be dreaming of white-sandy beaches and feeling the hot summer sun on your skin in no time!

5. Mint


Mint gives off a scent of freshness that helps you feel less exhausted, especially if you’ve been going through a tough time mentally! If you’re in need of clarity, a whiff of mint can clear up that brain fog in no time!

These properties are probably why perfumes incorporate some of these scents when they create new scents. Not only do these smell really nice, but you could also carry a small bottle of your favorite essential oil around for a quick boost!