5 High-Paying & Promising Careers For Women

In March 2019, the U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics revealed data regarding the top paying and fastest-growing occupations for women. From healthcare to tech, women are breaking through glass ceilings and successfully establishing thriving careers across industries that were once male-dominated.

The BLS report revealed that half of the occupations showed that the median earnings average doubled for women overall. Here is a look at the top 5 high-paying and fast-growing career paths for women.

5. Software Developer


Software developers are an integral part of the ever-growing tech field. From making systems and/or applications to run computers and other electronic devices to creating, changing, and fixing software, software developers ensure systems run smoothly and efficiently.

The BLS predicts that this career field will grow 24% by 2026 and that the Median Weekly Earnings For Women is approximately $1,644.

4. Operations Research Analyst


Operations research analyst use mathematical and analytical techniques to help businesses and organizations stay cost-effective and efficient. They work in offices and may travel to visit clients.

The career field is expected to grow by 27% by 2026. Women becoming an operations research analyst can expect to have median weekly earnings of $1,299.

3. Physical Therapist


For those who aren’t interested in joining the business world, a female physical therapist is also extremely successful. A physical therapist plays an integral part inpatient rehabilitation. A therapist aims to help the patient regain movement and muscle strength.

Physical therapists work in a variety of settings, including private offices, clinics, and nursing homes. The BLS predicts that the demand for physical therapists will grow 28% by 2026. The Median Weekly Earnings for female therapists is $1,891.

2. Nurse Practitioner


Another great option in healthcare is becoming a nurse practitioner. Nurse practitioners are responsible for the primary or specialty care needed by patients. They also coordinate patient care.

The demand for nurse practitioners is expected to grow by 36% by 2026. It is predicted that the median weekly earnings for female nurse practitioners is $1,891.

1. Physician Assistant


The top occupation for women to consider in 2020 is a physician assistant. Physician assistants work in conjunction with other healthcare professionals to give patients the best possible treatment. They can work in a variety of places such as physicians’ offices, hospitals, or outpatient clinics.

The BLS reports this field will grow 37% by 2026. The field also boasts a Median Weekly Earnings for women of $1,646.

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