5 Interesting Car Content Creators To Follow On Youtube

Mar 13, 2021
04:00 P.M.
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Let's be honest, Youtube is the ultimate resource on pretty much any topic at this point. So it comes as no surprise that there is a very niche section dedicated to car lovers.


Cars are part of our lifestyle. It fits us best in the way that we prefer, ie aesthetics, performance, characteristics, etc. We all need to drive something that makes us happy.

Below is a list of 5 informative YouTube channels to follow. From in depth reviews, to drag races, collectors items, ownership experiences etc.

1. Shmee150

Tim Burton is also known as Shmee150, is a modern-day car collector. His motto is 'Living the Supercar Dream'. Shmee is famously known for epic road trip rallies, purchasing very unique specced vehicles, track content, and vehicle reviews. He has a following of 2.22M subscribers on YouTube.


2. MrJww

James, MrJww is known for automotive lifestyle, automotive adventures, car reviews and would often have you submerged in his content. His content and his views of cars are highly appreciated. He has a following of 609k subscribers.

3. CarWow


Carwow, your one-stop car buying comparison site. Although only available in the UK, this site could help you buy your dream car at a fair price. The host, Mat Watson offers in-depth reviews, and drag races. So if you would like to see how your future car might be in real-world scenarios, this is the channel to follow. CarWow has a following of 5.32M subscribers.

4. VINwiki

VINwiki is an app that one can download, enter your vehicle's details onto the system and tell the story of your car. Its an interesting channel to follow especially if you would like to know more about the stories behind cars that has a rather interesting history behind it. VINwiki has a following of 1.36M subscribers.

5. Doug DeMuro

Famously known for his in-depth car reviews. Doug's YouTube channel is all about that. From new cars to old cars, expensive to cheap cars, Doug reviews everything. Doug has a following of 3.94M subscribers.