5 Morning Mantras to Start Your Day with Good Vibes

Would you like to start your day with good energy and positive intention for the day that’s about to start? Start your morning with these five mantras.

The way you start your day will set the tone for how you’ll perceive, interpret, and react to people and the environment throughout the day. Morning mantras can help us set the right intention for the day ahead, bringing a positive mindset that’s likely to be sustained. 

Mantra is a word or a sound that can be repeated or chanted silently or out loud. The aim is to focus the mind on the words and tune with the high frequency they emit. Get ready to learn some loving and positive mantras and start your day on a high note!

“I am powerful”

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This mantra is perfect for strengthening the solar plexus chakra (called Manipura), and it’s connected with self-confidence and sense of purpose. When you chant or repeat “I am powerful,” you’re defining that you’re in control over your life. While chanting “I am poweful”, imagine a bright yellow light in your solar plexus area.

“I am one with the Universe”

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Repeating that you’re one with the Universe connects with the divine that exists within you. It connects with your true Self and true essence. The Universe is within you and all around you, and we are all connected as one. Feel the powerful energy of these words if you repeat them with an open heart and mind.

“I am the light, the light I am”

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The light here represents many things — the divine, love, and peace. Light, or love, activates the heart chakra, so while repeating the mantra, bring your awareness to the heart center and imagine an emerald green light sparkling from your heart.

“I am that”

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The Sanskrit chant called ‘Soham’, translates into I am He, or I am That. We are who we are, and the ‘Soham’ mantra detaches us from the illusion of duality and reminds us that we are all connected with the Source. These words help the mind to focus on spiritual awareness.


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Om is the most universal mantra. This very simple sound has complex meanings — in Hindu is known as the “original vibration of the universe”. You can repeat Om three times (or more) before or after a meditation or yoga practice. Inhale deeply, and before exhale, start with the ‘oh’ sound, and end with an ‘mmm’ humming sound.

Written By:
Camila Santiago

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