5 Reasons To Indulge In Comfort Food

At times we all need comfort food. There is something about digging into a steaming lasagne after a long week that just soothes your soul in a way that not many other things can. Comfort food has also been criticized, though. 

Many people believe that indulging in comfort food should never be done and even something you should be ashamed of doing. However, those beliefs may be incorrect and harmful. 

Here are all the reasons why you should be indulging in comfort food when you need it. 



If you are living in another country or even a different city from the one that your family is in, you can feel incredibly lonely at times. You might have many friends and healthy social life but still, feel lonely. 

Eating food that reminds you of home can rid you of some of those feelings of loneliness because the dish will taste like home and therefore allow you to feel as though you are back there. You can even eat this food with your family over a video call. 



For many people, comfort food inspires feelings of nostalgia and can help people who are feeling a little lost in life to remember how far they have come without thinking about how far they still have to go. 

Comfort food that inspires feelings of nostalgia can be anything from something that you ate as a child to a dish that you ate on vacation with your friends once. Any comfort food that inspires feelings of nostalgia is excellent. 



In your daily life, you might eat a healthy diet and work out to keep healthy and fit in your body. In the same way, eating comfort food and lying on the couch might allow your mind and spirit to become stronger. 

This balance will allow your entire body to feel happy and healthy instead of feeling like something is constantly missing from your life. Comfort food is like a workout for the soul and your mind. Pair it with meditation or yoga, and you’ve got a winning combination. 



If the comfort food you are indulging in is the traditional dish of your culture or something you were fed as a child, that meal is likely packed with nutrients. Often, traditional dishes have almost all of the nutrients we need. 

Eating these kinds of meals will not only allow you to feel satisfied and happy, but it will also allow you to keep healthy. Try to indulge in these comfort foods at least once a month because of their health benefits. 



Positivity is one of the best tools that you can carry with you in your daily life to ensure that you have a happy and healthy life. Knowing that everything will turn out for the best is an excellent way to live your life. 

However, it is sometimes difficult to stay positive in your daily life because of all the negativity surrounding us. Eating a comfort food meal is an excellent way to bring positivity back into your life.

Written By:
Daniella Segell

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