5 Reasons To Use Neck Cream

Jun 08, 2021
08:00 P.M.
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Every woman is extremely conscious about how her skin looks. We have serums and scrubs and toners, and moisturizers galore to ensure that our skin is well cared for and stay looking youthful.


However, the one place that we tend to forget after applying all of our skincare is our necks. The neck ages just as quickly as the face and is often exposed to just as much, if not more, sun than our faces ever are.

Here are some reasons that you should be using a cream that specifically targets your neck.

Always In Use



Your neck is constantly in use. You use your neck all day, every day, and the constant turning and tilting of your neck can cause wrinkles and fine lines to appear much faster than anywhere else on your body.


The skin on your neck is also put under pressure when you are asleep as you twist and turn in your sleep so that the wrinkles and fine lines set in while you are asleep. Applying neck cream can counteract this.

Sun Exposure



We are all extremely conscious of how much sun exposure our faces get. We wear SPF and hats and stay out of the sun as much as possible so that our skin is protected from the sun at all times.


However, we are hardly ever as careful with your necks. Our necks are often much more exposed to the sun than our faces, and for this reason, the skin on our necks ages much more quickly than the skin on our faces.

Less Sebaceous Glands



Your neck skin has far fewer sebaceous glands and lipids than the skin in your face do. This means that your neck skin is more susceptible to being more affected by the environmental factors that it faces daily.


Using a neck cream could help your neck skin to be less susceptible to environmental irritants such as sun, wind our dust that might ruin your neck skin.

No Exercise



Many women do exercises that work out their bodies and sometimes do workouts that work out their faces. However, not many women do neck exercises so that your neck skin stays taught and youthful.

You do not need to do neck exercises if you use neck cream as the neck cream will allow you to have youthful skin, but using both in conjunction will ensure that your neck skin stays youthful and healthy.


More Sensitive



Your neck skin is much more sensitive than your facial skin because of the lack of lipids and sebaceous glands and therefore needs much more care than your facial skin does. This is where neck cream comes in.

Using neck creams specifically designed to take care of the incredibly sensitive skin on your neck will help your neck skin stay healthy and look youthful so that your face and neck skin look the same.

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